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Oldies but Goodies product details : 
Celestion   DL8
stand  speakers - 1st pair
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Dec 2018
to Hamilton

Celestion  DL8  speakers  :  front  view
Celestion  DL8  speaker  :  right  profile  - grilles on

Celestion  DL8  speakers  :  top  view,  drivers closeup
Celestion  DL8  speakers  :  backs  view

Celestion  DL8  speakers  :  upward  view
Celestion  DL8  speakers  :  size  scale
   SOLD December 2018 on  trademe  to Hamilton
S/Ns: none
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   Celestion  DL8   [1st pair]  stand  speakers - walnut :
   Walnut colour   2-way sealed box,  infinite baffle design
   Grille covers cleaned

   HiFi Review :
   By any standard, the Celestion DL8 proved itself to be a very fine speaker. Measurements of a speaker, of course, give only a few clues to its sound quality
   Nevertheless, in this case all our test data were so good, and so closely in agreement with Celestion's claims, that we must confess to being impressed. Listening tests tended to confirm our impressions
   Its sound was superbly balanced, with a solid bass that belied its small size, yet without undue upper-bass emphasis or boxiness. The middles and highs were seamless and so well integrated that we simply heard the total sound and gave up trying to hear the minor response variations that our microphone had detected
   After all, we don't go to concerts to perform an acoustic analysis on the music, do we? Perhaps that is the best way to describe the quality of this speaker - thoroughly musical, with an insidious tendency to be so listenable as to discourage technical criticism
   We made a special effort to be aware of the DL8's spatial properties ("imaging," if you prefer). Like any conventional front-firing box system, its sound stage is essentially confined to the space between the speakers, but it manages to fill that part of the room with a well-defined sound stage, mostly in the listening room, but sometimes including the space immediately behind the wall
   Finally, encouraged by our measurements of the speaker's power-handling ability, we put that to a practical test. Playing a record with very well-recorded percussion sound, we turned up the volume until the sound was about as loud as we felt comfortable with in a modest-sized room (it had considerable physical impact at that level)
   The DL8 speakers sounded beautiful, with no detectable compression of dynamics and a surprisingly visceral effect from the larger drums. The amplifier power during this time averaged perhaps 10 watts per channel, with frequent peaks to well over 350 watts! This is something we would not recommend with any small speaker, including these, but it certainly says something about their construction and quality
   There are many good speakers selling at the price of the DL8. Without attempting to establish which are "better" than others (if only that could be done!) let me say that I cannot recall hearing a speaker comparable in size or price to the Celestion DL8 that I would rather listen to for extended periods

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 1985? model
  -:®:-   Drivers : 1 x 200mm [8"] woofer  1 x 32mm [1.25"] aluminium dome high-frequency
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 50Hz to 20kHz
  -:®:-   Crossover frequency : 2.5kHz
  -:®:-   Sensitivity : 89dB / 1W / 1m
  -:®:-   Power rating : 10 to 150W RMS
  -:®:-   Dimensions [H x W x D]: 501 x 273 x 273mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 10.0kg each speaker,  packed 12kg each

   SOLD December 2018 on  trademe  to Hamilton

Fastway couriers : packing $5,  Rural add $6,
   each extra 5kg :  add $6.00 NI, $11.80 SI

Auckland @ $7.75 $26

North Island @ $12.35 $48

South Island: < 2kg @ $6.95  NA 

South Island: 25kg @ $21.25 $78

Payment options :

   CASH on delivery by arrangement : Northland, Auckland buyers

   By  bank payment : 12-3061-0161709-00   ASB   name: N R PARKIN

   By credit card :   Use    option on
   By email with secure     PayPal  payment : select the  Pay using PayPal  website link
ParcelPost :   packing $5,  Rural add $5

1 x < 15kg local not Auckland @ $5.50 $11

4kg to Auckland or Nth Island @ $13.70 $19

4kg to South Island @ $23.20 $28


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