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Oldies but Goodies product details : 
Pioneer  DV-414
dvd   player

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Pioneer  DV-414 dvd player  :  includes CUDVD22 remote
Pioneer DV-414 dvd  player : whichever Pioneer dvd player sells first,  gets the remote
Pioneer  DV-414  dvd player  :  tray  detail
Pioneer DV-414 dvd player : back view
Pioneer  DV-414  dvd player  :  dvd  loading
Pioneer DV-414 dvd player : back view
~  $70
S/N: TFT0004312CD rem CUDVD22
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   Pioneer  DV-414 dvd player - black :
   Black dvd with CUDVD22 remote control
   Also included are S-video and optical outs.

   Soundstage review 1999 :
   Some of these features simply beg to be singled out, as they give the DV-414 a very strong appeal : Near the top of the remote, just above the perfunctory cursor controls, is a button called Mode
   This button performs three functions : Pressing it repeatedly brings up the Video Mode,  Pause Control  and  DRC for Dynamic Range Compression, in sequence
   The Video mode offers three positions, Cinema, Animation and Standard
   These soft switches engage preset levels of sharpness, blackness and contrast, with much success I might add. While Animation offers very bright, clear color, it does not offer the intensity of black and sharpness that the Cinema preset provides. Standard simply is the unmodified output of the device. Pressing the Mode again moves the user into the pause control screen, offering field, frame and auto.
   Field offers a standard, motionless freeze frame, Frame gives you the highest picture quality the unit can deliver, and Auto selects one or the other, depending on the disc

   The third field of the Mode button is the Dynamic Range Compression control. The purpose of using dynamic range compression is to allow the contrasts between the loudest explosions on your favorite action adventure and the softest whisper of the protagonist to be brought closer together
   This is especially helpful for viewing when the kids / significant other / room mates are sleeping or whenever fewer audible distractions are required
   Where as most DVD players offer a switchable on or off compression control for late night viewing, the DV-414 offers nine user selectable levels! No more scrambling for the remote to turn down the volume when some alien blows up New York or an airplane crashes into a train. This is a truly useful feature, allowing you to choose any setting you might find most appropriate to suit your needs. Well done Pioneer

  Wrap it up, Iíll take it :

   What Pioneer has achieved with the DV-414 is a level of versatility and performance one would only expect from a unit at near double its meager asking price. Exquisite video, excellent digital audio, very good analog audio, exceptional control and poise and the most useful collection of features at anywhere near half again its selling price. What more can I say? . . . Greg Weaver

   Includes operating instructions manual

Features :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 1999 model
  -:®:-   Video out x 1,  Component video R, G, B out, Audio out stereo x 2
  -:®:-   Frequency response: 4Hz to 44kHz at 96kHz sample rate
  -:®:-   Signal / Noise : > 115dB
  -:®:-   Dynamic range : > 102dB
  -:®:-   Total harmonic distortion : < 0.002%
  -:®:-   Wow & Flutter [ below measurement ] < +/- 0.001% W Peak
  -:®:-   Optical digital out, RCA phono coaxial digital out
  -:®:-   Remote Control : Yes CUDVD22
  -:®:-   Power consumption: 17W , on standby: 1.5W
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x H x D ]: 420mm x 104mm x 283mm
  -:®:-   Weight: 2.8kg  - packed 4.5kg

   For sale now by email

Fastway couriers : packing $5,  Rural add $5,
   each extra 5kg :  add $6.00 NI, $21.00 SI

Auckland @ $7.50 $13

North Island @ $11.00 $16

South Island: < 5kg @ $11.75 $17

South Island: < 10kg @ $18.80 $23

Payment options :

   CASH on delivery by arrangement : Northland, Auckland buyers

   By  bank payment : 12-3061-0161709-00   ASB   name: N R PARKIN

   pago : monty60
   By credit card :   Use   Pay Now  option on
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                   Use secure     PayPal  payment on our email money request

ParcelPost :   packing $5,  Rural add $5

1 x < 15kg local not Auckland @ $5.50 $11

4kg to Auckland or Nth Island @ $13.70 $19

4kg to South Island @ $23.20 $28


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