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  Denon  AVR-1600RD
home  theatre  receiver

Denon  AVR-1600RD  5.1  home  theatre  receiver
Denon AVR-1600RD receiver back with remote
Denon AVR-1600RD receiver back view
 SOLD to Kapiti  May 2007  on trademe
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 Denon  AVR-1600RD  receiver
Convenience Features :
Personal memory Plus : special memory feature for ease of operation - The AVR-1600RD includes the Personal Memory Plus to support 5.1-channel playback of DTS, DVD-Audio, and other multi-channel sources which automatically remembers the surround mode that you last used for any program source, so that you do not need to reselect it again. The AVR-1600RD provides for external 6-channel input to easily upgrade your system for discrete 5.1-channel DTS digital sources if you wish

Flexible sound customization : As with all of DENON’s high-grade av amplifiers, the AVR-1600RD lets you adjust delay times and other parameters so that you can customize the performance of the AVR-1600RD to suit your own home theater environment. The adjustments are easy to make via a dialogue format on the fluorescent display on the front panel.

11 Surround Playback Modes : The AVR-1600RD is equipped with 11 surround modes to help you obtain the optimum effects for the program sources you are playing. The Dolby Pro-Logic modes are Normal, Phantom, Wide, and 3-Channel

  -:®:-   Additional modes are : 6-Channel external in, 5-Channel Stereo, Rock Arena, Jazz Club, Mono Movie, Video Game, and Matrix.
  -:®:-   Input / output RCA sockets for any av system :
  -:®:-   1 x digital optical input, 1 x digital [Coaxial RCA] input
  -:®:-   7 x analogue inputs: phono, CD, tuner, dvd/vdp, tv/dbs, vcr, md/tape
  -:®:-   6 x Analogue external inputs: Front Left/Right, Centre, Surround Left/Right, Subwoofer
  -:®:-   Pre-out sockets on the AVR-1600RD are offered for Front, Centre and Mono [Subwoofer] channels

Other features :
  -:®:-   2 x Analog Rec outputs VCR, MD/TAPE
  -:®:-   Tone Control
  -:®:-   All channel level control
  -:®:-   Video inputs : 3 x Composite inputs DVD/VDP, TV/DBS, VCR
  -:®:-   Video outputs : 2 x Composite Outputs VCR, MONITOR

Tuner features :
  -:®:-   40-station AM/FM random Preset Memory Tuning
  -:®:-   Auto Preset Memory
  -:®:-   Radio Data System (RDS) with radio info text

Specifications :
Power rating [Rated output THD figures are power amp stage values] :
  -:®:-   Front, Center and Surround rear 60W + 60W [ 8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08% THD ]
  -:®:-   Input sensitivity / Impedance : ** Phono [moving magnet] 2.5 mV / 47kohms
  -:®:-   Output level / Load Impedance : ** FRONT L/R, CENTRE, SUBWOOFER 1.2V / 10kohms,   ** VCR, MD/TAPE, MONITOR 200mV / 47kohms
  -:®:-   RIAA deviation : ±1 dB [ 20Hz - 20kHz ]
  -:®:-   Signal to noise ratio : 92dB [A-weighting]
  -:®:-   Tone controls: Treble : ±10dB at 10 kHz,     -:®:-   Bass: ±10dB at 100Hz

FM section :   -:®:-   Tuning frequency range 87.50 - 108.00MHz     -:®:-   Usable sensitivity 1.0µV [ 11.2 dBf ]
AM section :   -:®:-   Tuning frequency range 522 - 1611kHz     -:®:-   Usable sensitivity 18µV

General info :  -:®:-   Power supply AC 230V, 50Hz    -:®:-   Power consumption : 180W
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D ] : 434 x 161 x 315mm
  -:®:-   Weight 7.0 kg

 SOLD May 2007 to Kapiti on trademe


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