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Sold items 2008 archive product details :

AM / FM  tuner
Denon TU-550 AM / FM stereo tuner
Denon  TU-550  tuner : right  profile
Denon  TU-550  tuner  : left  profile
Denon TU-550 tuner   S/N : 8052400108
Denon  TU-550  tuner  in  system
Denon TU-550 tuner : back  view
SOLD Sept 2008 on trademe to Whangarei
S/N: 8052400108
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 Denon  TU-550  stereo  AM / FM  tuner                  
Slimline, black colour, with 20 station preset selector buttons, large up / down tuning buttons
The Denon TU-550 tuner is one of my top choices for overall performance - it has been a favourite for testing antenna design over the years. The Denon TU-550 has the ability to lock in on most weak stations with excellent signal gain

One of the very few tuners that will lock in on a distant FM station and hold the stereo carrier signal - all at one quarter or less signal gain & lower noise. Denons of the 500 model series are an excellent choice for FM DXers

AM section is also excellent with a loop antenna included.

This model has most desired features such as signal gain 5 point LED meter, twenty [20] station presets, Narrow / wide band selector

Details for TU-550 tuner to be updated further soon, please disregard the specifications below :

Features :
  -:®:-   19xx model
  -:®:-   Mono IHF sensitivity : 12.8dBF
  -:®:-   Signal / Noise ratio max[dB] : 79 mono / 74 stereo
  -:®:-   Total Harmonic Distortion [1kHz, 100% modulation]: Mono 0.1% / stereo 0.2%
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 20Hz - 15kHz +0.5dB / -2.0dB
  -:®:-   Signal strength for 50dB quieting : mono 18.5dBF / stereo 38.9dBF
  -:®:-   Alternate channel selectivity : wide 40
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D ]: 434 x 75 x 238mm   Weight : 2.6kg

   SOLD  Sept 2008 on trademe  to Whangarei


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