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JBL  Decade L26
rear   speakers
JBL  Decade L26  speakers
JBL   L26  drivers  detail
JBL  L26  left  profile
JBL   L26 speaker  grilles on   top  view
JBL  L26 : Lansing Heritage image of the Decade range 1974
JBL   L26 speaker  top  view
SOLD Sept 2008 on trademe to Wellington
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    JBL   L26   loudspeakers - walnut :
The L26 was developed through technology that made JBL the leading speaker manufacturer for professional use. It meets the same stringent requirements as JBL studio monitors, providing clear crisp reproduction, freedom from distortion and lack of colouration - all reasons most major recording groups of the era insisted on JBL for live and recording playback.

The L26 achieves the open effortless performance that is characteristic of JBL loudspeaker systems. It even approaches within a few decibels, the thunderous volume levels required of JBL studio monitors. Each component of the L26, low frequency loudspeaker, high frequency direct radiator tweeter, frequency dividing network, and enclosure - has been designed to function as part of the complete system, optimizing performance and efficiency without sacrificing definition, or the ability to accurately reproduce the fleeting bursts of energy, known as transients, so essential to realism.

The L26 uses a ported enclosure to increase efficiency and dynamic range rather than a sealed acoustic suspension enclosure which achieves bass response at the expense of efficiency, dynamic range and transient reproduction

  Efficiency is important for two reasons :
   1]  it permits the use of a relatively low power, moderately priced amplifier, and
   2]  it allows the amplifier to operate at low power levels for similar sound output, providing the reserve necessary to achieve full dynamic range and excellent transient reproduction.
  Efficiency and outstanding reproduction make the L26 ideal for the music listener wanting to combine superb performance with compact size

Specifications :
  -:®:-    1973 - 1974 vintage
  -:®:-    Recommended power amplifier range : 20 - 60 watts RMS
  -:®:-    Nominal Impedance : 8 ohms,  minimum : 6 ohms
  -:®:-    Woofer : 10" ribbed treated paper cone
  -:®:-    Tweeter : 1.4" paper cone
  -:®:-    Crossover frequency : 2kHz
  -:®:-    Frequency response : 55Hz - 20kHz
  -:®:-    Sensitivity : 76dB [1 watt / 5m]
  -:®:-    Dispersion : 90 degrees vertical and horizontal
  -:®:-    Dimensions[H x W x D] : 610 x 324 x 336mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 19kg each

   SOLD Sept 2008 on trademe to Wellington


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