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SOLD items 2007 / 2008 archive product details : 
JBL  L112
front  speakers
 JBL  L112   front speakers 
 JBL  L112  back view
SOLD  May 2007  to Te Awamutu
S/Ns: 75302 / 75766
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    JBL  L112   loudspeakers    S/Ns: 75302 & 75766
Feature review :
Is the  L-112   JBL's best ever consumer loudspeaker ?
The L-112 speaker system was released in 1980 as an improved version of the original L-100 Century / 4130 control monitor. JBL engineers reexamined and reworked every single aspect of these already exquisite systems with the benefit of years of valuable feedback attained from recording engineers and other audio professionals. The L-112s are so well designed and constructed they are virtually sonically identical to the JBL monitors used in top recording studios such as Capitol, RCA, Warner Brothers, Vanguard, Elektra and MGM. Even today, with the enormous selection of speaker systems available, many discerning audiophiles prefer the L-112s. The reason for this is simple. Statistics show that more than likely 70% of your music collection, whether old lPS or new DVDs or CDs, have been mixed and mastered with a pair of JBL monitors in the 4300 series. Since the L-112s are sonically similar to these studio monitors, you are hearing exactly what the sound engineers, musicians, and producers heard in the recording studio when they were doing the final mixdown, and you are hearing it precisely the way it was intended to be heard. Comes complete with original L112 instruction manual.

Driver features:
  -:®:-   Mirror-Imaged Driver Configuration: The L112 is a "mirror-imaged" loudspeaker - the driver configuration of one channel is a vertical reflection of the other. This provides an exceptionally good stereo image and sense of acoustic space, adding to the realism of the sound.
  -:®:-   Superior Low-Frequency Driver : Each cabinet contains a 12inch driver with a powerful 10 lb magnetic assembly. This precision crafted woofer provides deep, powerful bass reproduction. The unique SFG (Symmetrical Field Geometry) design reduces second-harmonic distortion to levels far below those found in drivers using conventional magnetic structures. The cone is coated with a precisely controlled amount of a specially formulated material that provides optimum mass as well as better damping, for smooth performance at the upper end of the driver's range. A 3inch edgewound copper voice coil helps produce the high efficiency and remarkable transient response of the driver with a maximum continuous power handling300 watts RMS.

  -:®:-   Superior Mid-Range Driver : The 5inch midrange loudspeaker, housed within an isolated subchamber to prevent interaction with the low frequency driver, also delivers undistorted reproduction even at extreme volume levels. Its 7/8 inch copper voice coil is large for a loudspeaker of this size, yielding exceptional transient response and efficiency. A very stiff cone reduces the possibility of cone breakup at very high power levels.
  -:®:-   Superior High-Frequency Driver : Designed specifically for the L112, this exquisite 1inch high-frequency dome radiator accurately reproduces the highest harmonics, yet cleanly handles the largest musical peaks with authority. The dome is formed of a lightweight phenolic material, coated with aluminum by means of a vapour deposition process. It has the optimum combination of strength, mass, and rigidity. It's copper voice coil drives the full tweeter circumference for smooth, low-distortion response across its entire operating range.

   SOLD May 2007  from mobile call, and then a procurement request, to Te Awamutu


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