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NAD  616
dual  cassette  player
NAD  616  cassette  tape  player
S/N : 0576161359  NAD 616  web  image #2
NAD  616  tape  player
NAD  616  display detail
SOLD Sept 2008 by selection from Oldies but Goodies to Temuka
S/N : 0576161359
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 NAD   616 double cassette player                  

Features :
   Auto Reverse for both transports
   Dolby HX Pro circuitry improves high frequency response
   Play Trim ensures compatibility with virtually any tape
   Dolby B & C Noise Reduction circuits
   Switchable, electronic tape counter for both transports
   Normal and High Speed dubbing modes
   Repeat and Sequential play modes
   Peak Hold facility on Record level meters
   NAD-Link for remote control capability

More than often, dubbing cassette decks are based around cheap tape transports and electronics, trading off sonic performance for convenience. The NAD Model 616 dubbing deck is an exception to this rule; convenience combined with the performance one would expect from a high quality, single well deck.

Features and Design
Rather than incorporating seldom used features such as Auto Search, etc. which can degrade the overall sound quality and reliability, the NAD Model 616 offers features which are specifically tailored towards the most common uses for a dubbing cassette deck; making high quality recordings and copies, uninterrupted playback for a prolonged time and play back of pre-recorded tapes.
With almost any other deck the results of playing back a pre-recorded tape or tape recorded on a different machine are disappointing, particularly if the tape has been recorded with Dolby NR. The causes for poor playback are multiple; differences in head alignment, wrong bias level; aging of the tape, etc. As a result the noise reducing circuits (Dolby B & C) "mistrack", resulting in dull, un-engaging sound. The Play Trim control provides adjustable boost or cut of the high frequencies before the Dolby Noise Reduction circuits thus eliminating high frequency roll-off and mistracking and thereby restoring flat frequency response and superb playback fidelity. Play-Trim works also in dubbing mode, making it possible to produce a copy which sounds better than the original !

The digital tape counter with its four digits allows you to find passages on the cassette with great accuracy for both transports; the tape count is independent for each transport. At the touch of a button the display will show the tape count for either transport A or B. No need to turn the turn the cassette yourself, Auto-Reverse will automatically switch sides on both transports once the end of one side of the cassette is reached.

Sequential Playback (playback of transport A first, then automatically switch to transport B) in combination with Auto-Reverse offers uninterrupted music for as much as 3 hours. With the repeat facility a single cassette can be played eight times or both cassettes for four hours, giving you up to twelve hours of music.

Thanks to NAD-Link the Model 616 can be remote controlled by one of NAD's universal remote controls which come supplied with other NAD equipment that suports NAD-Link.

With two motors and a flat belt-driven balanced flywheel for each transport, wow and flutter is well below audible levels while still maintaining speed accuracy. The inherent simplicity of the two motor transport ensures excellent reliability, even with intensive use.

No compromise electronics - quieter than any tape can be - incorporates Dolby HX Pro circuitry, which together with accurate alignment and a high quality heads, improves high frequency response at high recording levels and avoids tape saturation. In combination with the excellent transports the NAD model 616 may well be the only dubbing cassette deck in its price range to faithfully reproduce a wide-range CD or copy another cassette without dulling the original's impact.

Features :
  -:®:-   1992 - 1995 vintage model
  -:®:-   2 head A / B decks
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 20Hz - 17kHz
  -:®:-   Signal / Noise ratio with Dolby B, C : 74dB stereo
  -:®:-   Dolby HX Pro headroom extension
  -:®:-   Wow & Flutter : 0.1%
  -:®:-   Normal, chrome and metal tape types capable
  -:®:-   Peak level and levels indicator display
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D ]: 427 x 135 x 280mm    Weight : 5.0kg

  SOLD Sept 2008 by selection from Oldies but Goodies to Temuka


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