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Sold items 2008 archive product details : 
  Onkyo  DR-L50
dvd   receiver

Onkyo  DR-L50  dvd / receiver  in  one  unit
Onkyo  DR-L50  tray  detail
Onkyo  DR-L50  left profile  closeup
Onkyo  DR-L50  high style,  low profile
Onkyo  DR-L50  dvd / receiver  in  one  unit
Onkyo  DR-L50  back  detail
Onkyo  DR-L50   inside  view
Onkyo  DR-L50  outputs  detail
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S/N: 12X1912187
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                           Onkyo  DR-L50 dvd player and receiver combined
Features :
Onkyo's all-in-one DR-L50 combines in a one stylish case all the necessary elements for home theater :
 * High-performance 5.1-channel digital surround tuner / amplifier
 * A versatile multi-media player with remote control
 * Multiple connection methods including optical, means that you can use this as a small dvd playback unit for the bach, bedroom or flat - or use the digital outs into a bigger home theatre amp for total flexibility, yet low profile

Specifications :
  -:®:-   2003 model
  -:®:-   Power rating : 26W RMS x 2 at 6 ohms,[~ 20W at 8ohms]
  -:®:-   All x 5 channels 21W at 6 ohms [~ 16W x 5 at 8 ohms]
  -:®:-   Total Harmonic distortion : 0.2% at 1W  [ typical listening level ]
  -:®:-   Digital outputs : 1 optical / 1 coaxial
  -:®:-   Optical input for receiver
  -:®:-   Subwoofer RCA phono pre-out
  -:®:-   Scart out,    s-video out
  -:®:-   Audio / video outs : RCA phono red / white / yellow
  -:®:-   94kHz / 24-bit D/A converters
  -:®:-   Dolby digital and DTS decoders
  -:®:-   Vector linear shaping circuitry [VLSC]:  improves S/N ratio for enhanced sound
  -:®:-   Dual wavelength laser pickup, not a progressive scan model
  -:®:-   Plays : dvds, audio cds, mp3 cds, video cds, cd-r, cd-rw
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x H x D ] : 435 x 81 x 366mm     -:®:-   Weight 7.0 kg

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