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Sansui  PM-C100II
front  speakers

Sansui  PM-C100 II  4-way front speakers
Sansui PM-C100II image #2
Sansui  PM-C100 II  : walnut wood finish  light brown cloth
drivers detail
Sansui  PM-C100 II  back  view
S/Ns: 923065694 / 5722
  SOLD Nov 2007 by offer after trademe auction to Whangarei
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    Sansui PM-C100 II front  speakers
Sansui PM-C100II four-way 8 ohm speakers with flat finish tweeter and super-tweeter
Power rating 180W RMS, 260W peak
Woofer : 12" 250mm
Cabinets in top condition - walnut colour, matching bronze / brown cloth

Specifications :
  -:®:-   4-way : 250mm bass, 120mm mid, tweeter, super-tweeter
  -:®:-   Power : 180W RMS, 260W peak input
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ H x W x D ]: 700 x 400 x 300mm      -:®:-   Weight : 18kg each speaker

   SOLD Nov 2007 after trademe  auction to Whangarei


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