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Sold items 2008 archive product details : 

Sansui  TU-217
analogue  tuner
Sansui  TU-217 analogue tuner
web image #2 - our unit is in identical immaculate condition
Sansui  TU-217 analogue tuner - web image
Sansui TU-217 back detail
Sansui  TU-217 tuner / AU-217 combo
Sansui TU-217 specifications  scan
SOLD April 2008 on trademe
Serial number : 028050003
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                           Sansui  TU-217 tuner
Matches the AU-217 amplifier in classic Sansui black & white
High quality knobs and switches - smooth operation
Analogue tuner with highly visible display, tuning & signal strength indicators

Features :
  -:®:-   Details to be updated after service and final tests are completed
  -:®:-   Specifications will be updated soon - please refer to scanned specs image
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x H x D ] : 430 x 110 x 307mm      -:®:-   Weight 5.1kg,  packed 7kg

   SOLD April 2008 on trademe to Auckland


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