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  Technics  SA-203
stereo  receiver 

Technics  SA-203   stereo receiver
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Technics  SA-203   back view
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 SOLD  by procurement request Sept 2007 to Ngunguru
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                 Technics  SA-203 stereo receiver - silver :
An extremely compact and versatile stereo receiver from late 70s Technics made right here in NZ by Fisher & Paykel. Based on an IC output module rated at 30W for only 0.04% THD - with internal overload protection and many features unique to that vintage : like the LED power meters at unit or 0.01 of nominal 8 ohm power per channel - you can defeat this display. The analogue AM / FM tuner has yellow LEDs for tuning strength and red for stereo FM indication and the central tuning display lights green off tune and yellow for tuned-in.

Speakers can be MAIN or remote and are connected by inserting bare speaker wire in the twist-lock speaker terminals. The integrated IC module faithfully reproduces any phono, radio or CD input with very little noise or distortion. This receiver is quite reliable and compact - witness the excellent condition and performance from a power unit manufactured 28 years ago !

Combined with small speakers such as our AR28Bs and a compact dvd player such as our NAD T512, the SA-203 would make a superb bedroom or games room stereo system.

Features :
  -:®:-    Power : 30W RMS at rated THD distortion 0.04%   -:®:-    1981 - 1982 vintage
  -:®:-   Frequency response of 20Hz - 22kHz   -:®:-    Phono signal / noise : 75dB A-weighted
  -:®:-    tuner FM : mono 14.8dBf for 50dB quieting, stereo 38.3dBf

  -:®:-    Dimensions [ W x D x H ]: 425 x 255 x 80mm      -:®:-    Weight : 5.58kg

   SOLD  by procurement request Sept 2007 to Ngunguru


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