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Sold items 2008 archive product details : 
Technics  SB-501
front   speakers

Technics  SB-501  new black grilles
Technics  SB-501  drivers
3D plot of  spectral decay  vs  time  by frequency
Impedance  and  phase  plot
   SOLD by verbal agreement on NRPavs website price to Torbay
S/Ns : 002979 / 002981
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 Technics  SB-501 front speakers                    
Features :
  -:®:-   High quality model made in Japan for the local market
  -:®:-   Superior cabinet, detailing and components - this is a class unit all the way
  -:®:-   Cream high quality 12" woofer  with rubber  supports
  -:®:-   midrange and tweeter guard plastic frame protestors
  -:®:-   Large diameter dome dustcaps, paper supports
  -:®:-   Rich burled walnut veneer, metal front frame cosmetic touch
  -:®:-   Detailed graphical information on the pdf from our Russian friends

Specifications :
  -:®:-   60W RMS power rating      -:®:-   87.5 dB / 1W efficiency
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ H x W x D ]: 660 x 380 x 320mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 21kg each,   packed near 25kg

3-way listening speakers rather than rock or party speakers. They will go loud if pushed, but their real merit is detailed, dynamic bass, crisp almost strident highs - which is the typical Japanese preference and surprisingly realistic vocals. Valve amplifier owners should apply . .

I have put these babies through extended final testing - which means listening over and over to my favourite cds, vinyl and other sources to hear and describe the 501's sonic signature. I keep getting caught out just listening to the music, not the speakers which is a good sign. On some material I am very familiar with, I am hearing new things - that would be because the music is always in there somewhere - but usually there is some speaker distortion, crossover distortion or other factors such as rattles in the cabinet or any other problem with the acoustic electrical match that will mask that elusive impression of live music.

I have tested my share of Technics speakers over the years - only the SB-10s are anywhere near these 501s from my experience.

The walnut veneer cabinets have interesting burls in the grain - they will be lightly sanded and oiled using teak oil for a rich classic finish. The grilles have recently been covered in black - any other slight cosmetic defects will be attended to prior to any offer of sale

   SOLD April 2008 via Oldies but Goodies website page to Torbay Heights


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