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SOLD items 2008 archive product details : 
  Technics  SB-G600
front  speakers

 Technics  SB-G600   front speakers 
 Technics  SB-G600 single
SOLD April  2007
S/Ns: 58251 / 58252
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 Technics  SB-G600 front speakers                    
Features :
  -:®:-   White Superbass 12" woofer  -:®:-    Rosewood veneer    -:®:-   new black grille cloth
  -:®:-    70W RMS power with 150W maximum.    -:®:-    90 dB / 1W efficiency

Purchased as backup for my two custom designed NRP subwoofers which use this same Superbass white woofer. The G600s feature square midrange and tweeter drivers - the plastic waveguide tweeter grilles are missing - but this is not too bad as in my opinion, they caused the tweeter to sound fuzzy.
  How would I know ? - I was the one who assembled and tested these speakers originally in the factory !

At F&P we performed listening tests as part of the manufacturing process. If there was a crossover fault, or an out-of-phase speaker connection, or any minor fault, then this would easily be detected by listening or from the printed speaker response graphs. Bass is the strong point of this design - the woofer is light and springy which gives fast bass response and with twin ports there is ample room coupling.
Placement is important to avoid boominess - just raise the speakers off the floor : 6 - 10 inches [ 20cm ]

Sound quality is very involving and immediate without being too squawky - this tells you that the crossover and woofer / mid / tweeter transitions are well controlled. By that we mean that the various crossover components divide the sound spectrum to each speaker without undue phase shifts and correctly for each driver characteristic.

The rosewood veneer cabinets are light as well - but don't be fooled though - this model is springy, efficient and yet can take 150W input power for a nominal 70W RMS rating.

  NOTE :  SOLD April  2007 to Torbay Heights, North Shore City


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