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  Technics  SB-X700A
front  speakers

Technics  SB-X700A   front speakers
Technics SB-X700A : cd shows 12" woofer scale
SB-X700A  back
Frequency response for SB-X500A model
Technics SB-X700A drivers closeup
Technics SB-X700A tweeter closeup
Technics SB-X700A up view
Technics SB-X700A image #6
  SOLD Nov 2007 by offer after trademe auction to Dargaville
S/Ns: TL8916B045 / TL8916B046
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 Technics  SB-X700A                     
These unique flat panel 1985/86 speakers have a woofer with a honeycomb paper front support, covered in aluminium grey finish.
Powered by a 12 inch bass driver and matching 3.25 inch midrange and 1.25 inch tweeter.

Frequency response graph shown is for the similar SB-X500A model - identical midrange and tweeters
The actual deep bass response for the X700A will be superior which is evident in listening tests. The box volume is also greater which further adds to the excellent bass delivery

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Frequency response of 35Hz - 30kHz
  -:®:-    An easy 8ohm load means these speakers are easy to drive and moderately efficient
  -:®:-    Bass reflex ported design gives a measured efficiency of 90dB at 1Watt @ 1m
  -:®:-    Dimensions [W x D x H]: [ 15 x 13 x 27inches ]
  -:®:-    Weight : 18kg each speaker unpacked

   SOLD Nov 2007 after trademe  auction to Dargaville


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