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Technics   SL-5
linear tracking turntable
Technics  SL-5 linear tracking turntable
Part number : SFNNC05P02
Technics  SL-5 lid closed
Technics  SL-5 direct drive turntable  position indicator
Technics SL-5  turntable back view
Technics SL-5  above view
SOLD  Aug 2008 on  trademe to Invergcargill
part # SFNNC05P02
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                             Technics   SL-5  linear  tracking  turntable
An attractive early 80's linear tracking, computer controlled turntable, silver colour
Automatic up / down and inward / outward button controls outside cover
Matches styling with other components of the SU-5 component system

Features :
  -:®:-   1982 - 1983 vintage
  -:®:-   New stylus N464 from fitted
  -:®:-   Sound lid cover hinges and general condition is good
  -:®:-   Wow & Flutter : 0.025%
  -:®:-   Quartz accuracy : +/- 0.002%
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x H x D ] : 314 x 75 x 318mm
  -:®:-   Weight 5kg, packed 7kg

   SOLD Aug 2008 on  trademe to Invercargill


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