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Technics   SL-B210
Technics  SL-B210  turntable  in play
Technics SL-B210   lid  down
Technics  SL-B210  turntable
Technics  SL-B210  back  view
Technics  SL-B210  turntable  tonearm profile
Technics  SL-B210  tonearm
SOLD Aug 2008 on trademe to Kerikeri
part # SFNNB71G01
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           Technics  SL-B210  turntable
The Technics SL-B210 is a fully manual belt drive turntable that was designed to operate at 33 and 45 RPMs.
It is fully manual, which means that you have to move the tone arm over to the record and retrieve the arm again when the record is complete.

The speed switch (far left) on the SLB210 was three position, 33, 45 and OFF. Off is represented by a single dot. If you own one of these turntables and the switch is in the middle [ where the dot is ], then the platter will not spin. Some are fooled into believing the table does not work, but all they need to do is flip the switch! This is one of the few turntables with a power switch on the right side.

Early DJs used this model because they could defeat the rotation of the platter.
The SLB210 has pitch control for both 33 and 45 RPM : it can raise the pitch [speed] by 8%.

The turntable has a sleek, streamlined grey body and the controls are in front of the dust cover, so it can be operated without raising the cover. The RCA cable and the power cable do not detach, they are attached to the inside of the turntable and come out of the rear of the chassis

    Colour : silver
    Belt drive, fully manual operation
    Stylus : EPS-24CS,   replacement : N 464 stylus from

Features :
  -:®:-   Servo speed control, belt drive
  -:®:-   Convenient outer cover controls

Specifications :
  -:®:-   1990 - 2002 model : ~ 1996
  -:®:-   Drive system : servo speed controlled belt drive
  -:®:-   Wow & Flutter : 0.045% Din PK weighted
  -:®:-   Rumble : -70dB Din 45-530B weighted
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x H x D ] : 430 x 100 x 460mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 2.0kg

   SOLD Aug 2008 on trademe to Kerikeri


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