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Technics   SL-MC7
110-cd  multi  player
Technics  SL-MC7  110-cd multi  player
Technics  SL-MC7  cd carousel open  - right support repaired
Technics SL-MC7   left profile
Technics SL-MC7 110-cd with remote  web image
Technics SL-MC7   image #5
110-cd tray out web image
SOLD Oct 2008 on trademe to Fox Glacier
S/N : DN9EA01086
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 Technics  SL-MC7  110-cd multi player                   
Can you say random? How about extendo-random? Well, if you've got over a hundred CDs loaded in your player you can line 'em up and sit back for days of listening. The Technics SL-MC7 is a 110-disc changer that supports CD text for CDs encoded with song titles and artist names, and also lets you enter in your own text for conventional CDs. It also has a plus-one feature that lets you easily play a single disc, thus saving you from the dreaded task of scrolling through a 110 CDs when you only wanted to pop one in for a quick listen. The SL-MC7 comes with a wireless remote control. It's armed with a MASH 1-bit digital-to-analogue converter and displays track information on a blue LED display. review :
The Technics SL-MC7 is a cd multi-player with dignity. It stores 110 discs behind an icy blue display readout and see-through panel, yet it's smaller than a lot of carousel changers that handle only a fraction of the discs. Accessing your CD collection requires no more effort than flipping down the front panel and using the handy manual cd loader. There, the discs, loaded in slots, can be played in any order you choose and even categorized according to musical genre : define groups of cds as jazz, blues etc and enter text for these names.

The single-play slot [ that's where the 110 "+1" designation comes from ] allows a quick listen to a new or borrowed cd without having to remove a disc from your library.

There are two main ways to remember which cds are in which slot numbers : the old-fashioned way is to use a notebook [ the manual has a print sheet for this purpose ], and the digital way is a function called cd text, which reads information from compatible discs [ and that's most new CDs ] and automatically displays the cd title, artist, and songs.

When discs offer no such information, you can simply input information manually using the alpha-numeric keypad on the front panel or the remote control.

The rear panel has an optical digital output, ideal for using this multi-player with a home theatre receiver or optical capable amplifier, or a media PC

Features :
  -:®:-   remote control
  -:®:-   1998 - 2002 model  110-cd + single  multi  player
  -:®:-   Digital / Analogue converter : MASH [1 bit]
  -:®:-   Signal / Noise : 100dB at 0.007% THD
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 2Hz - 20kHz +/- 1dB
  -:®:-   Dynamic range : 92dB
  -:®:-   Output voltage : 2V at 0dB
  -:®:-   Outputs : RCA phono x 2 stereo, 1 x optical digital out
  -:®:-   32 programmable selections
  -:®:-   Full random and random 1 x disc play
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D ]: 430 x 171 x 392mm      -:®:-   Weight : 7.1kg

   SOLD Oct 2008 on trademe to Fox Glacier


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