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Technics   SU-X920
components rack system
Technics  SU-X920  components rack  system
Technics SU-X920 rack back view
Technics  SU-X920 rack  top view
matching 3-way speakers
 SOLD Feb 2008 on trademe to Kawakawa
S/Ns: cassette/amp: NA8527A038, tuner FB8420A138
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 Technics  SU-X920-KXL  tuner, cassette player, amplifier                   
Compact new class A, combined cassette /amplifier unit with separate tuner midi size

New Class A : refers to the amplifier type - Class A amplifiers have their transistors always turned on during each half cycle of the music waveform. It means they are power hungry and require a big heavy power transformer and large smoothing capacitors. The upside is no crossover distortion and a high quality sound

Class AB amplifiers are the standard - they switch off one half of the transistors when not needed and then turn them on again as the music waveform requires. This is efficient, so that you get a lot of power for low cost, but the downside is more distortion as the transistors turn on / off and on again

New Class A is the Technics amplifier circuit design where transistors are left on a small amount always - still cheap to make but with much less crossover distortion and a lot of power for less weight and expense

This is why you see
New Class A amps still going strong after 25 or 30 years - owners get a good quality sound and ample power - and so you don't have to turn the volume up too much to attain average listening levels. They punch above their weight and last and last - I have been listening to this little system in my workshop and bedroom during final testing and enjoying it very much.

Features :
  -:®:-   1985 model combined cassette player / amplifier with separate tuner
  -:®:-   Matching three-way speakers model SB-CD920-KXA
  -:®:-   Power rating : estimated 25W RMS      -:®:-   Remote control : no - this is not a remote control model
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D ]: 300 x 75 x 250mm    Weight : 9.5kg

 SOLD on  trademe   Feb 2008 to Kawakawa


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