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  DENON   DVD-2900
SACD / dvd  player
Denon  DVD-2900  dvd  player
Denon  DVD-2900 dvd player
Denon  DVD-2900  tray  out
Denon  DVD-2900 dvd player
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Denon  DVD-2900 dvd player : back  view
SOLD Oct 2008 on handshake for computer, to Whangarei
S/N: 3128404266
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                           Denon  DVD-2900 sacd / dvd player - black :
Universal DVD / CD / SACD / DVD-Audio player with progressive scan
Denon's high-end universal DVD player, the DVD-2900, was introduced at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show
It has state-of-the-art picture quality, plus the ability to play both SACD and DVD-Audio discs as well as CD

Progressive-scan - if you're using a standard TV, you'll see interlaced-scan video that's extra sharp and clean because the DVD-2900 uses a separate high-speed 54MHz / 10-bit DAC to process interlaced signals, instead of the typical 27MHz / 10-bit DAC
The DVD-2900 at nearly 18 pounds, has audio circuits that are physically separated from video circuits, for amazingly noise-free picture and sound. Two "Pure Direct" modes let you switch off the video circuits, digital output, and fluorescent display for ultimate sonic purity
The DVD-2900 doesn't just play high-resolution SACD and DVD-Audio discs, it makes the most of them. Unlike some previous universal models, it has a dedicated decoder for SACD. As a bonus, your regular CD collection will sound better, too

Another big plus for the Denon 2900 is digital bass management. Most av receivers apply bass management to multi-channel digital signals like Dolby® Digital and DTS®, but not to the high-resolution multi-channel analog signals of SACD and DVD-Audio. So, the DVD-2900 intelligently applies bass management while the signal is still in digital form, before converting it to analog and passing it on to the receiver
You get optimally balanced multi-channel music when used with a wider variety of speakers, including sub / satellite systems

Features :
  -:®:-   Supported formats : DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DVD-R & DVD-RW, Video CD, SACD, CD, CD-R & CD-RW, mp3 and digital photo CDs jpg
  -:®:-   Decoders : 108MHz / 12-bit video D/A converter for progressive scan, plus separate 54MHz / 10-bit video DAC for interlaced scan
  -:®:-   Output formats : selectable interlaced / progressive-scan component video output [ progressive-scan requires an HD-compatible TV ]
  -:®:-   Video processor : Silicon Image Sil 504 de-interlacer with PureProgressive circuitry and 3-2 pulldown processing
  -:®:-   Video buffer : 8MB buffer for quick layer change
  -:®:-   Sound : TruSurround for enhanced 2-speaker sound
  -:®:-   Onboard Dolby : built-in Dolby Digital / DTS decoder with 5.1-channel output
  -:®:-   Digital bass management : for multi-channel output on DVD-audio
  -:®:-   Outs : optical and coaxial digital outputs for Dolby Digital / DTS / PCM [96kHz / 24-bit capable]
  -:®:-   Connections : 1 set of av outputs [composite, S-video, and 480i/480p component video]
  -:®:-   RS-232C port [for 3rd-party system controls only]
  -:®:-   Remote control : Yes
  -:®:-   DAC : 192kHz / 24-bit Burr-Brown audio D/A converter

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 2 - 20kHz CD, 2 - 88kHz at 192 kHz sampling rate, 2 - 100kHz for SACD
  -:®:-   Dynamic range : 110dB
  -:®:-   Overall audio signal / noise ratio : 118dB
  -:®:-   Harmonic distortion : 0.0009% THD
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x H x D ] : 435 x 132 x 375mm   -:®:-   Weight : 8.1kg

   SOLD Oct 2008 on handshake for computer to Whangarei


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