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SOLD items 2009 archive 1 product details :
AM / FM  tuner
Denon  TU-747  tuner 
Denon  TU-747  tuner  - some rough surface on top
Denon  TU-747  tuner  image #3
Denon TU-747 tuner - silver  image #4
SOLD Nov 2008 on trademe to Whangarei
S/N: 1110092
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 Denon  TU-747  stereo  AM / FM  tuner  - silver :                 
Slimline, silver colour, with 16 station preset selector buttons, large up / down tuning buttons
Digital tuning with LED signal, tuned and stereo indicators
Auto scan tuning function
There is some surface rust on the cabinet tops, but just noticeable on the light brown TU-747 tuner top

Features :
  -:®:-   1987 model
  -:®:-   Detailed TU-747 tuner specifications are not available at this time

  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D ]: 434 x 75 x 238mm    Weight : 2.6kg

   SOLD Nov 2008 on trademe to Whangarei


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