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SOLD items 2009 archive 1 product details : 
Luxman  T-2
AM / FM  tuner

Luxman  T-2  tuner :   cream / silver  finish
Luxman  T-2  tuner : tuning and signal strength LEDs
Luxman  T-2  tuner :   cream / silver  finish
Luxman  T-2  tuner : right profile
Luxman  T-2  tuner : with L-5 amplifier combo
Luxman  T-2  tuner : specifications scan
SOLD June 2009 to Torbay Heights, Auckland
S/N: C0615424
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                 Luxman   T-2 tuner
To match the unprecedented slim and compact front panel, a totally electronic display is employed using LEDs for signal strength, and centre tuning point for quick visual reference
The special FM front end uses a distortion free local oscillator and an RF amplifier stage composed of MOS FET and quality variable capacitor giving superb interference and intermodulation rejection characteristics
The IF stage is also low in distortion using a quadrature IC and special detector transformer for wider bandwidth and good signal to noise ratio

In the multiplex stage, in addition to the selected low noise PLL ICs offering good separation, 3-pole low pass filters are placed independently in the left and right channels to improve separation characteristics - especially in the treble range

IC op amps in the audio stage reduce output impedance, which with a transistor muting circuit achieves low pop-up noise

Features :
  -:®:-    1976 - 197? vintage analogue [ manual ] tuner with Accutouch control
  -:®:-    Frequency range : 30Hz - 15kHz +/- 1dB
  -:®:-    Signal to noise : 75dB    - see specs scan
  -:®:-    Dimensions [ W x H x D ]: 440 x 160 x 225mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 5.8kg, packed weight : ~ 8kg

   SOLD June 2009 to Torbay Heights, Auckland


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