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SOLD items 2009 archive 1 product details : 
  NAD  214
power  amplifier
NAD 214 bridgeable power amplifier
NAD  214  left  profile
NAD  214  amplifier
NAD 214 internal components view
NAD  214  stereo amplifier  : toroidal transformer,   very tidy construction
NAD  214  bridgeable  power  amplifier
NAD  214  power amplifier : inputs - in bridged mono mode
NAD  214  back  view
SOLD Feb 2009 on trademe to Wanganui
S/N: G5621406855
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    NAD  214  stereo power amplifier
The all-new NAD 214 is part of a new range of power amplifiers which will further enhance NAD's enviable reputation for state of the art products at sensible prices

Features :

2 x 80 Watts continuous power into 8ohms
Dynamic Power 110, 180, 250 Watts into 8, 4 and 2 ohms
Low loss, massive Holmgren toroidal mains transformer
Dual mono, Left and Right mirror image amplifier PCBs
Protection circuitry senses short circuits, DC and overheating
Bridgeable; 240W into 8ohms    500W dynamic power into 4ohms

Circuitry :The NAD 214 is designed with the capability to drive all types of musical signals effortlessly into the even most unreasonable of loudspeaker loads, down to below 1ohm. This is achieved by implementing a high output current amplifier powered from a "stiff" power supply. The 214 couples a bank of reservoir capacitors to a large toroidal transformer. Using a bank of capacitors rather than a single pair is both technically superior and more economical

The special Holmgren toroidal transformer has less hum and magnetic leakage than conventional toroidal transformers but retains the usual benefits of high efficiency and high power to weight ratio. The entire "front-end" is fed from a separate low-noise, high voltage, discrete component regulated power supply which effectively isolates the amplifier from power ripple and noise. Careful design incorporating sensible grounding results in an amplifier with an exceptionally clean, noise free output signal

Additional features :For maximum flexibility, the NAD 214 can operate in bridged mono mode, typically tripling its continuous power rating into 8ohms. This makes the NAD 214 an ideal choice for a sub-woofer amplifier or high power centre channel amplifier in home theater applications. A pair of bridged NAD 214 's becomes a high current, high power stereo power amplifier, while retaining the refinement associated with smaller amplifiers.

The output relay protection circuit provides silent switch on and off, together with non-evasive protection against error conditions such as short circuits and overheating. The NAD 214 also incorporates NAD's acclaimed switchable "Soft Clipping" circuit which significantly reduces the risk of damage due to prolonged high power operation.

Specifications :
  Continuous power [ min RMS per channel 20Hz - 20kHz less than rated distortion ]:
  -:®:-   80W RMS  at  rated distortion [ THD, 20Hz - 20kHz ]: 0.03%
  -:®:-   Clipping power : 105W
  -:®:-   Dynamic headroom +1.5dB
  -:®:-   IHF Dynamic power x 2  at  8 ohms: 110W    4 ohms 180W   2ohms 250W;
  -:®:-   RIAA response accuracy : ▒0.5dB
  -:®:-   Damping factor [8 ohms, 50Hz]: > 120
  -:®:-   Slew Rate > 60V / Ásec
  -:®:-   Input impedance R = 60kohms, C = 500 pF
  -:®:-   Input sensitivity at 80W rated power : 0.9V   -:®:-   Voltage gain 28.3 x [ 29dB ]
  -:®:-   Signal to noise ratio [ 1W / 80W, A-weighted ]: 98 / 115dB

Bridged monophonic mode :
  Continuous power [ min RMS per channel 20Hz - 20kHz less than rated distortion ]:
  -:®:-   8 ohms 240W RMS
  -:®:-   Dynamic headroom +1.8dB [360W at 8 ohms, 500W at 4ohms]

Dimensions :
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x H x D ] : 435 x 128 x 383mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 11.3kg    packed weight : 13kg
  -:®:-   NAD 214 power amplifier S/N: G5621406855

   SOLD  Feb 2009 on trademe to Wanganui


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