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SOLD items 2009 archive 1 product details :

Pioneer  TX-130
AM / FM   tuner
Pioneer  TX-130  tuner
Pioneer TX-130 stereo tuner : light green display
Pioneer  TX-130  tuner : scale vs tape
Pioneer  TX-130  tuner : back view
SOLD August 2009 on trademe to Nelson
S/N: CE 2600832A
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 Pioneer  TX-130  stereo  AM / FM  tuner                  

   Details for the TX-130 model are correct, but specs are to be further updated - please ignore the filler specs below, which are for the Denon TU-260LII model :

Slimline black tuner - right hand AM / FM buttons and decal have been painted black, tuning mode FM mute button broken, but set to on
Rotary Knob - quick search digital tuning
Attractive green display with red LED tuned indicator
Recent service for improved audio quality and functions checkover

Features :
  -:®:-   1983 model
  -:®:-   Mono IHF sensitivity : 12.3dBF
  -:®:-   Signal / Noise ratio max[dB] : 82 mono / 76 stereo
  -:®:-   Total Harmonic Distortion [1kHz, 100% modulation]: Mono 0.5% / stereo 0.8%
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 20Hz - 15kHz +0.5dB / -1.0dB
  -:®:-   Channel separation : 40dB at 1kHz
  -:®:-   Usable sensitivity : FM 1.2uV  AM 18uV
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D ]: 434 x 75 x 239mm    Weight : 1.5kg

   SOLD August 2009 on trademe to Nelson


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