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Sold items 2009 archive 1 product details : 
Technics  SA-290
stereo   receiver

Technics  SA-290  receiver top view
Technics  SA-290  image #2
Technics  SA-290  image #3
Technics  SA-290  receiver  back view
SOLD Nov 2008 on trademe to Greymouth
S/N: ED7304B003
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                 Technics  SA-290 stereo receiver
Based on an IC output module rated at 50W for only 0.02% THD - with internal overload protection and many features unique to that vintage
The integrated IC module faithfully reproduces any phono, radio or CD input with very little noise or distortion

The digital AM / FM tuner has an LED display and easy station tuning and memory store functions

Speakers can be main or remote and are connected by inserting bare speaker wire in the twist-lock speaker terminals

Features :
  -:®:-    Power : 50W RMS at rated THD distortion 0.02%
  -:®:-    1986 - 1987 vintage
  -:®:-    Frequency response : 20Hz - 22kHz
  -:®:-    Phono signal / noise : 74dB A-weighted
  -:®:-    tuner FM : mono 20.2dBf for 50dB quieting, stereo 40.2dBf
  -:®:-    Dimensions [ W x D x H ]: 425 x 255 x 80mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 5.31kg

   SOLD Nov 2008 on trademe to Greymouth


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