NRPavs   SOLD items 2010 archive 1  Pioneer  SX-V80  stereo  receiver  details
SOLD items 2010 archive 1 product details : 
Pioneer  SX-V80
stereo  av  receiver
Pioneer  SX-V80  stereo  av receiver 
Pioneer  SX-V80 stereo av receiver  :  display closeup
Pioneer  SX-V80 stereo av receiver  :  upward view
Pioneer  SX-V80 stereo av receiver  :  back view
Pioneer  SX-V80 stereo av receiver  :  input select  and  volume control
Pioneer  SX-V80 stereo av receiver  :  size scale
   SOLD  June 2010 on trademe  to Motueka
S/N: EH2902462 S
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   Pioneer  SX-V80 stereo receiver - silver with no remote control :

   Silver receiver with no remote control
   Also has some basic audio video capabilities : it can record between av devices as well as send video to TV or monitor
   Computer controlled operations   Non-switching amp
   Comprehensive lights display : power, signal strength, spatial display

   * Passed final testing with flying colours - lots of features :
   * Powerful and clean sounding 80W amplifier
   * Spacey light show with volume steps,  signal strength  and power levels display
   * Basic video switching, input and output capabilities

Features :
  -:®:-   1984 vintage
  -:®:-   Power rating : ~  80 Watts RMS
  -:®:-   Speakers : A,  B,  A + B
  -:®:-   Video out x 2, one rear, one front  av inputs x 3
  -:®:-   Frequency response: 44 - 44kHz at 96kHz sample rate
  -:®:-   Tuner : AM / FM digital tuner with 10 presets,  auto tuning and signal strength display   -:®:-   Signal / Noise > 9?dB
  -:®:-   Total harmonic distortion < 0.002%
  -:®:-   Phono : stereo RCA inputs with ground connection and MM / MC selector
  -:®:-   Simulated stereo for mono sources
  -:®:-   Subsonic filter,  Loudness controls
  -:®:-   Remote Control : No
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x D x H ]: 420mm x 430mm x 150mm
  -:®:-   Weight : ~ 15kg

   SOLD  June 2010 on trademe  to Motueka


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