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SOLD items 2011 archive 1 product details : 

Nakamichi  Amplifier 1
stereo   amplifier
Nakamichi  Amplifier 1  stereo amplifier  :  includes Amplifier 1 remote
Nakamichi  Amplifier 1  stereo amplifier  :  left  profile
Nakamichi  Amplifier 1  stereo amplifier  :  inputs  closeup
Nakamichi  Amplifier 1  stereo amplifier  :  back view
Nakamichi  Amplifier 1  stereo amplifier  :  controls  closeup
Nakamichi  Amplifier 1  stereo amplifier  :  size  scale
   SOLD  April 2011 on trademe to Timaru
S/N: 01131  remote: Amplifier 1
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                 Nakamichi  Amplifier 1 stereo amplifier - charcoal grey :
Full range detailed sound with added convenience of remote control of input selection and volume

   The Vintage Knob :
Since Nakamichi had stopped licensing Nelson Pass' STASIS circuit, something else had to be found to differentiate the mid-priced Nakamichi amps from the Sony, Kenwood or Yamaha amps . . .
In came HTA : Harmonic Time Alignment : Designed by Mr Karison in Naka's California Research Center, HTA aims at properly putting in phase whatever little distortion may be left and the original, non-distorted, signal. According to Nakamichi, this phase sync is most of the time ruined by the negative feedback loop of regular amplifiers, leading to a harsh and grainy sound.
Circuit-wise, the result is that no global Negative Feedback is applied, but each stage has its own, regulated, NFB loop. Luxman, Pioneer did this in the early 1980s [Duo-Beta] and others before . . . and since

The rest of the Amplifier 1 shows input stages made exclusively of discrete componentry, isolated ground path, tone controls with a low Q [to not alter the midband], a high-current / low-impedance output stage with 8 PNP/NPN transistors able to output 28A per channel, gold-plated CD and phono terminals, a supplementary CD Direct input terminal (bypassing tone etc), a properly designed phono stage (for the Amplifier 1's pricepoint) and an IR remote to relay-switch sources (rotary encoder, left large knob) and set volume through a 4-gang motorized pot probably ALPS sourced (right knob)
The MM / MC switch is at the back

Besides all this, the most striking feature of the Amplifier 1 and that of the smaller Amplifier 2 and of the Cassette Deck 1 and 2 is design : a well balanced set of proportions encased by the two protruding side stoppers

   Includes Nakamichi Amplifier 1 remote control
   Some top surface scratches

Specifications :
  -:®:-    Power : 80W RMS at 8 ohms, rated THD distortion 0.1%,   130W at 4ohms
  -:®:-    Peak output current : 28A per channel
  -:®:-    Dynamic power : 180W at 4ohms,   270W at 2ohms
  -:®:-    1990 vintage
  -:®:-    Frequency response : 20Hz to 22kHz + 0dB / - 0.5dB,  5Hz to 80KHz +0dB / -3dB
  -:®:-    Signal to noise : > 105dB at rated output
  -:®:-    Phono signal / noise : MC: 70dB,  MM: 82dB A-weighted
  -:®:-    Dimensions [ W x H x D ]: 430 x 125 x 370mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 15.0kg

   SOLD  April 2011 on trademe to Timaru


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