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SOLD items 2011 archive 1 product details : 
Pioneer  DV-444
dvd  player

Pioneer  DV-444  dvd  player  silver
Pioneer DV-444 image #2
Pioneer  DV-444  dvd  back  view
Pioneer  DV-444  display

Pioneer  DV-444 cd player : tray out
Pioneer DV-444 remote control
   SOLD  April 2011, by selection from Oldies but Goodies, to Christchurch
S/N:  AHCP014388YY
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 Pioneer  DV-444 silver dvd player - silver :
The DV-444 offers truly superior performance in a super-slim package.
Progressive scan output, high-end error correction and tracking, and separate audio and video circuits just begin to tell the story. This machine was engineered and built for demanding av enthusiasts who still want a lot of features, but in a tiny profile.

So sleek and stylish it will work anywhere - thanks to the drive mechanism, which has been reduced in size to 5.5 cm height ! Get a kick out of playing MP3 files and find your favorite songs through the easy file navigation function shown on-screen. The latest technology is included, like SRS TruSurround, which can create a virtual sound field to give the impression of surround sound.

Features :
  -:®:-   Progressive Scan Output     -:®:-   MP3 Playback Capability   
  -:®:-   Separate Board Layout for the Audio and Video Circuitry
  -:®:-   Improved video S/N, audio dynamic range and reduced THD
  -:®:-   Pioneer exclusive Viterbi error correction for superior reading accuracy   
  -:®:-   High Speed Loading, High Speed Resume
  -:®:-   10-bit video signal DAC for high DVD image quality
  -:®:-   Analog Devices 192KHz/24-bit audio DAC for superb sound quality
  -:®:-   Burr Brown twin-wave Laser pickup for CD / Video CD / CD-R Playback
  -:®:-   Dolby Digital and dts Digital Outputs
  -:®:-   Component and S-video outputs

Convenience Features :
  -:®:-   43 Key Remote Control    Setup Navigator for First Time Setup
  -:®:-   Advanced GUI [ Graphical User Interface ] with Non-Stop Operation,   ** Basic/Expert Mode   
             ** Personal Modes [ Audio and Video Settings ]   ** Still Play [ Field or Frame with Auto ]
             ** Still Step Play Forward and Reverse   ** Program Play [ CD Track, Video/Chapter, Title ]
             ** Slow Motion Playback    ** Program Memory [ Chapter / Title ] [DVD]
             ** Resume Play [ DVD,Video CD ]   ** Condition Memory (DVD)   ** Continue Play Memory [ DVD,Video CD ]
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x D x H ]: 412mm x 270mm x 55mm
  -:®:-   Weight: 2.6kg - will pack smaller than our standard 8kg volume rating fruit box

   SOLD   March 2011, by selection from Oldies but Goodies, to Christchurch


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