NRPavs   SOLD items 2012 archive 1  Pioneer  CT-W540R  dual  cassette tape player  details
SOLD items 2012 archive 1 item details : 
Pioneer  CT-W540R
dual  cassette  deck
Pioneer  CT-W540R  dual cassette deck  :  in play
Pioneer  CT-W540R  dual cassette deck  :  right  profile
Pioneer  CT-W540R  dual cassette deck  :  left  profile
Pioneer  CT-W540R  dual cassette deck  :  back  view
Pioneer  CT-W540R  dual cassette deck  :  size  scale
Pioneer  CT-W540R  dual cassette deck :  specifications  scan
   SOLD  March 2012 on trademe to Hamilton
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 Pioneer  CT-W540R dual cassette deck - black :
   The CT-W540R dual cassette tape player is a solid unit, uses quality controls
   Near the top of the line late 80s Pioneer deck with dual tape wells and top audio quality

Features :
  -:®:-   Dual well cassette tape player      -:®:-   1989 vintage
  -:®:-   Double autoreverse, timer rec, play, Dolby B, C, HX pro
  -:®:-   Blank search parallel recording, fast, cassette stabilizer   PC-OCC head

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Frequency response [-20dB level] : Normal: 20 to 16kHz,  CrO2: 20 to 16kHz,  Metal: 20 to 16.5kHz
  -:®:-   Signal to noise, Dolby off : 57dB
  -:®:-   Noise reduction : Dolby B  -10dB at 5kHz    Dolby C  -19dB at 5 kHz
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x D x H ]: 420mm x 125mm x 250mm
  -:®:-   Weight: 4.2kg  - packed ~ 6kg

   Passed testing OK  - both tape wells play good quality audio, now released :

   SOLD  March 2012 on trademe to Hamilton


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