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SOLD items 2012 archive 1 product details : 
  ROTEL   RSX-1055
Surround  sound  receiver
Rotel  RSX-1055  surround sound receiver  :  includes RR-1050 remote
Rotel  RSX-1055  home theatre receiver  :  right  profile
Rotel  RSX-1055  home theatre receiver  :  input  connections
Rotel  RSX-1055  home theatre receiver  :  back  view
Rotel  RSX-1055  surround sound receiver  :  depth  top  view
Rotel  RSX-1055  home theatre receiver  :  size  scale
   SOLD  January 2012 on trademe to Auckland
S/N: S/N: 972-3411082  remote RR-1050
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      Rotel  RSX-1055  7.1 Surround sound receiver  - silver :

Features :
   Dolby digital, DTS decoding,  Dolby Pro-Logic,  7.1 channel pre-output, 5 x 75W amplifiers, 2 x optical and 3 x coaxial digital inputs
   S-video switching
   Includes RR-1050 remote control

• Rotel’s Balanced Design Concept combines advanced circuit board layout, comprehensive parts evaluation, and extensive listening tests for superior sound and long term reliability
• Dolby® Pro Logic II® decoding (for 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 channel systems) with improved separation and frequency response for Dolby Surround® matrix encoded recordings
   Can be optimized for Music or Cinema sources plus an emulation mode for the original Dolby Pro Logic decoding
• Automatic Dolby Digital® decoding Dolby Digital® 2.0, Dolby Digital® 5.1, and Dolby Digital Surround EX® recordings
• Automatic decoding for DTS® 5.1 channel, DTS-ES® Matrix 6.1 channel, and DTS-ES® Discrete 6.1 channel digital recordings
• DTS® Neo:6® Surround modes for deriving surround channels for 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channel systems from 2-channel stereo or matrix surround recordings
   Can be optimized for Music or Cinema sources
• Rotel XS (eXtended Surround) automatically ensures proper decoding and optimum performance from any multichannel digital signal on 6.1 and 7.1 channel systems. Always active in any system with centre back speaker(s), Rotel XS even works with signals that would not otherwise activate the proper decoding (such as non-flagged DTS-ES and Dolby Surround EX discs) or for which there is no extended surround decoder (such as DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1, and even Dolby Pro Logic II decoded Dolby Digital 2.0 recordings)
• Automatic HDCD® decoding for signals from High Definition Compatible Digital® compact discs
• Automatic decoding of digital signals from MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) players
• Surround modes for playback of surround sound material on 2 channel and 3 channel systems for total compatibility
• Digital and analog input and output connections for digital signals, composite video, S-Video, and Component Video
• Five built-in amplifier channels, each delivering 75 watts (all channels driven)
   The two front amplifier channels can be redirected to power center back speakers when using a separate stereo amplifier on the front speakers
• AM / FM tuner with 30 station presets, direct access tuning, and auto-tuning
• RDS (Radio Data Systems) and RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data Service) capability
• Zone 2 output with independent input selection and volume adjustments for multi-zone custom installations along with IR-repeater capability for operation from the remote zone
• MULTI Input for outboard adaptor and future upgradeabilty
• User friendly ON-SCREEN DISPLAY with programmable labels for video components
• Choice of English or German languages
• Universal learning remote control to operate the RSX-1055 and nine other components
• Upgradeable microprocessor software to accommodate future upgrades

Specifications :
  -:®:-   2003 vintage
  -:®:-   Power rating : 5 x 75W RMS [20Hz to 20kHz, 8 ohms] at 0.09% THD
  -:®:-   Power for stereo : 100W at < 1.0% at 8 ohms [DIN]
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 10Hz to 20kHz +/- 1.0dB analogue in,  10 to 20kHz +/- 0.3dB [digital in]
  -:®:-   Signal to noise [IHF A-weighted] : 92dB [stereo] / 90dB [Dolby]
  -:®:-   Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.09%
  -:®:-   Tone controls : +/- 8dB at 100Hz and 10kHz
  -:®:-   Input sensitivity / impedance : line: 200mV at 47kohms
  -:®:-   Preamp output : 1.2V [200mV input]

Video :
  -:®:-   Video frequency response : 3Hz to 10MHz +/- 3dB,  S/N: 45dB,  output level: 1.0V
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 3Hz to 10MHz at +/- 3.0dB
  -:®:-   Input impedance : 75ohms,   output impedance: 75ohms
FM tuner :
  -:®:-   Useable sensitivity : 14.2dBf
  -:®:-   Signal to noise ratio [at 65dBf] : 70dBf
  -:®:-   Harmonic distortion [at 65dBf] : 0.03%
  -:®:-   Stereo separation : 45dB
  -:®:-   Output voltage : 1.0V
  -:®:-   Antenna input : 75ohms unbalanced

AM :
  -:®:-   Sentivity : 500uVm-1
  -:®:-   Signal to noise ratio : 40dBf
  -:®:-   Output level : 500mV
  -:®:-   Antenna input : loop antenna

  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x H x D ] : 432 x 162 x 442mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 17.0kg,  - packed ~ 19.5kg

   SOLD  January 2012 on trademe to Auckland


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