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SOLD items 2013 archive 1 product details : 
  Denon  DRM-800A
cassette  deck 
Denon  DRM-800A  cassette deck
Denon  DRM-800A  cassette deck  cassette deck  :  right  profile
Denon  DRM-800A  cassette deck  :  display  closeup
Denon  DRM-800A  cassette deck  cassette deck  :  back  view
Denon  DRM-800A  cassette deck  :  left  profile
Denon  DRM-800A  cassette deck  cassette deck  :  size  scale
   SOLD April 2013 from Oldies but Goodies selection,
to Paraparaumu
S/N: 0125700025
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    Denon  DRM-800A cassette deck - black :
Description and Features :
   The Denon DRM-800 is a top line stereo cassette tape deck, capable of outstanding performance in combination with high grade HiFi systems
   Denon proudly presents this advanced tape deck to audiophiles and music lovers as further proof of our non-compromising pursuit of the ultimate in sound quality
   The high quality performance and easy operation are certain to provide you with many hours of outstanding listening pleasure

   Computer controlled servo technology
   Closed loop dual-capstan tape transport
   Silent soft touch controls provide maximum ease of use
   Computer controlled full logic tape controls enable fool-proof operation
   Automatic tape slack take up
   3-head design utilizes the SF amorphous record / playback combination head assembly
   Dolby HX Pro headroom extension
   Dolby C noise reduction
   Digital tape counter with 4-digit readout and position memory
   Wide range FL peak level meters
   Auto tape type selector
   Recording bias adjustment control
   Cassette stabilizer

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 1991
  -:®:-   Type : vertical loading, 4 track, 2 channel, stereo cassette deck
  -:®:-   Heads [3] : 1 x playback/record, 1 x erase
  -:®:-   Motors : 1 x DC servo (capstan drive), 2 x DC motor (reel drive, actuator)
  -:®:-   Tape speed : 4.8 cms-1  -:®:-   Fast forward : approximately 90 seconds for C60 tape
  -:®:-   Recording bias : 105kHz
  -:®:-   Overall signal to noise ratio : with Dolby C: more than 75dB
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 20 to 21kHz at -20dB using metal tape, -3dB using Dolby C
  -:®:-   Channel separation : more than 40dB at 1kHz   -:®:-   Crosstalk : less than 65dB at 1kHz
  -:®:-   Wow & Flutter : 0.038%
  -:®:-   Input sensitivity : line 80mV [-20dBm] max 50kohms
  -:®:-   Output levels : line: 620mV for 0dB, headphone: 1.2mV  8 to 1,200ohms
  -:®:-   Power consumption : 18W
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 434 x 135 x 303mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 5.6kg  packed ~ 7kg

   SOLD April 2013 from Oldies but Goodies selection, to Paraparaumu


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