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SOLD items 2013 archive 1 product details : 
  Marantz  SR5000
5.1 home theatre  receiver

Marantz  SR5000  5.1  home theatre receiver  :  includes RC5000SR remote controller
Marantz  SR5000  5.1  home theatre receiver  :  right  profile
Marantz  SR5000  5.1  home theatre receiver  :  input selectors,  display closeup
Marantz  SR5000  5.1  home theatre receiver  :  back view - includes remote and operating manual
Marantz  SR5000  5.1  home theatre receiver  :  top view - depth scale
Marantz  SR5000  5.1  home theatre receiver  :  size  scale
   SOLD June 2013 on trademe to Gisborne
S/N: MZ009941003784  remote: RC5000SR
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                Marantz   SR5000  5.1 home theatre receiver - black :
  Audio ENZ review 2001 :
Smooth operator  A relaxing look at a Marantz by Max Christoffersen, May 2001 :
   Marantz SR5000 AV receiver. [2001 RRP] $1999
   Think treacle. Or smooth molasses, or maybe a whisky that slides down real smoooth. That’s what this home theatre receiver sounds like
   And I found a more 'relaxing' audio relationship in the Marantz SR5000. It’s a midrange home theatre receiver designed for those looking for a bit more audio than bells and whistles and it fits the mould of a unit designed to appeal to those with a primary love of music first and home theatre second
   Marantz has always enjoyed a level of innovation in its product development and the company has been making some big waves in home theatre recently. Its flagship home theatre products have been well received by owners and reviewers alike after years of playing second fiddle to more popular mainstream brands. This model fits in the same range but further down the scale of its wave-making bigger brothers and sisters

   But let's cut to the chase. The reason you would buy this Marantz is to hear an engaging quality of sound on both two channel audio and multi-channel home theatre. And it is exactly what you get. The somewhat 'soft' and lush delivery of both music and film soundtracks was very appealing, even if at times I would have preferred a touch more assertiveness in its delivery
   But what was evident is that the warm two channel audio balance transferred exactly to multi-channel home theatre soundtracks providing a relaxing, detailed and totally non-fatiguing home theatre experience. The warmth of the orchestral strings on film soundtracks and acoustic guitar intro (from Hell Freezes Over) slowly seduced the ears into a very laid back but thoroughly engaging performance. Before you knew it, Don Henley was singing Desperado and you didn't notice the time or feel the need to turn down the volume or adjust the top-end balance as the night went on
   If your priorities lie with the emphasis on warmth, this unit is for you
   However, the DSP soundfield functions are the worst I have ever heard. Suffice to say, Marantz would have been well advised to provide this unit with only Pro Logic, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding and leave it at that. It's frankly a comedown from such wonderful music performance to hear such tinny DSP
   In use, the unit was less inviting than its sound quality. The remote is very limited in its acceptable angle requiring an almost dead-centre front approach to get the unit to respond. And when it does the healthy and substantial clunk of relays tells you the function has been set
   Further if you are looking for some instruction and advice from the owner's manual forget it. This is a brief, to the point, and almost graphic-less manual designed for people with time to spare and experience with other units. And when combined with the lack of on-screen displays means you are largely flying blind with this unit
   Be warned - the digital volume pot is finely set requiring a few turns to get to a realistic listening level and what appears as a metal fascia is plastic
   The inputs always appear to be somewhat sparse on midrange amp/processors in comparison to their heavyweight flagship counterparts, but with only two coaxial and only one optical input, potential purchasers will need to be sure it caters for all on-hand equipment
   There is a level of future-proofing with a standard six channel input/pass-through and pre-outs on all channels. And a welcome touch was the provision of independent level controls on the remote for surround centre and subwoofer levels

Features :
• 70 watts x 5  home theatre tuner amplifier
• Dolby Digital, • DTS, av receiver 
• 3 digital inputs, 2 coaxial, 1 optical
• 6 channel audio in,  • 5.1 audio pre-outs, composite video, s-video switching
• Signal-to-noise : 92dB

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 1999 model
  -:®:-   70watts x 5  at 8ohms [20Hz to 20KHz THD 0.09%]
  -:®:-   Colour : Black
  -:®:-   RDS tuner : displays information
  -:®:-   Remote : Programmable RC5000SR remote control - infrared
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D]: 440 x 153 x 425mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 13.5kg,  - packed 15kg

   SOLD June 2013 on trademe to Gisborne


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