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stereo  amplifier

LiNX   CD  AMP  stereo  amplifier
LiNX   CD  AMP  stereo  amplifier  :  right  profile
LiNX   CD  AMP   stereo  amplifier  :  image #3
LiNX  AMP  CD   stereo  amplifier  :  back  view
LiNX   CD  AMP  stereo  amplifier  :  internal  view
LiNX   CD  AMP  stereo  amplifier  :  size  scale
   SOLD April 2014, from Oldies but Goodies and recommendation, to Whangarei
S/N: 3551210
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                 LiNX   CD AMP stereo amplifier [Ultra Dynamic series] - black :
Features :
   1987 vintage 100W stereo amplifier made in New Zealand by LINX Audio Ltd
   No remote control
   Slimline profile,  with side heatsinks
   Large low profile transformer,  huge power supply capacitors,  electronic inputs switching
   Substantial sturdy speaker wire binding posts

   This New Zealand made stereo amplifier has been internally and cosmetically restored
   The front panel has been cracked,  now repaired

   To changes inputs,  depress slightly the front panel tab
   All input options are lit,  but the selected source will be brighter
   Most amplifiers will have just the selected source lit,
   but this all on feature makes the task in low or dark light much easier with the piano black etched front panel

Specifications :
   Detailed specs are not available at this time, but this model is rated at 100W RMS and is ~ 198? vintage - to be updated

Testing :
   Outstanding clarity and detailed soundstage
   Gentle early volume rise rate and plenty of grunt on hand as required - probably some headroom over the 100watts rating
   Effortless listening as there is no sign of harshness, shrillness or any grating factor, just clean, emotive, exciting sound
   Some audible hum buzz at turn on, which declines on continued playing, is not at a level that you can detect at normal levels

   SOLD April 2014, from Oldies but Goodies and recommendation, to Whangarei


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