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Sumo  Ulysses
power amplifier - 2nd unit

Sumo   Ulysses  stereo  power  amplifier
Sumo   Ulysses  stereo  power  amplifier  :  right  profile
Sumo   Ulysses  stereo  power  amplifier  :  image #3
Sumo  Ulysses  stereo  power  amplifier  :  back  view
Sumo   Ulysses  stereo  power  amplifier  :  top  view
Sumo   CD  AMP  stereo  amplifier  :  size  scale
   SOLD January 2014, from Oldies but Goodies and recommendation, to Hastings
S/N: 2100298
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         Sumo   Ulysses stereo power amplifier [2nd unit] - black :
Description :
   Ulysses Series II : The smallest of Sumo's amplifiers is by no means a weakling
   Take off the top cover and you will see a 400VA transformer, 20,000uF of filter capactiance and output MOSFETs capable of dissipating 600 watts of continuous power.
   In fact, The Ulysses II can source up to 50 amperes of peak current, more than some 200W amplifiers.

   The Ulysses II features a new layout on a double-sided PCB that allows virtually wireless construction and there are no capcitors in the signal path

   Its new gain stage is the simplest and most direct ever used in a Sumo amplifier, for better sonics. And like all Sumo amplifiers, the Ulysses features the exclusive TL circuit
   around the output stage to linearize the output MOSFETs
   The Ulysses II can easily drive low impedance or demanding loads with both finesse and power.
   There is no invasive current-limiting or electronic protection to degrade the sound
   The Ulysses II : its rating may be 60W per channel but that's not its limit

Specifications [Ulysses series II] :
  -:®:-   1987 vintage
  -:®:-   60W stereo amplifier made in USA by Sumo Audio Ltd
  -:®:-   Can be bridged for 120W mono operation to pair with a 2nd unit
  -:®:-   Power rating : 60W at 8ohms,  100W at 4ohms
  -:®:-   Total harmonic distortion : < 0.1%,   intermodulation distortion : < 0.05%
  -:®:-   Rise time : < 2usec
  -:®:-   Input impedance : 100kohms
  -:®:-   Damping factor : > 250
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 483 x 89 x 305mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 11.4kg,  - packed 13kg

   SOLD January 2014, from Oldies but Goodies and recommendation, to Hastings


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