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SOLD items 2015 archive 1 product details : 

KEF  PSW 2000
KEF  PSW 2000  subwoofer  :  image #1
KEF  PSW 2000   subwoofer  :  back  left  profile
KEF  PSW 2000  subwoofer  :  driver  and  back  connections
KEF  PSW 2000  subwoofer  :  back  view
KEF  PSW 2000  subwoofer  :  driver  closeup
KEF  PSW 2000  subwoofer  :  size  scale
   SOLD February 2015 on trademe  to Takanini, Auckland
S/N: (02 24) 1323221G
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                 KEF  PSW 2000 subwoofer - video grey, with glass top :
dvdactive review : :
   This is by far the prettiest subwoofer of the bunch, as you would expect from the sub, which is used to partner the super cute ‘eggs’ in the KEF KHT2005 system
   The quality of build and finish really are very good, in an understated way. There is no wood effect here, but instead you get ‘Video Grey’, which is a silver grey vinyl finish. This is very nicely done though, with the edges and corners being nicely finished and nice and sharp
   Supporting it are 4 silver feet with rubber caps (no spikes here) and on the top you have a reflective glass plate with the KEF logo etched in. A nice touch. All in all this is the most ‘coffee table’ like of the bunch

   Providing the bass is a down firing 8″ bass unit flanked by twin bass ports and a comprehensive control panel at the rear
   This sub has been designed not only with movies, but also music in mind, something that can be seen by virtue of the fact that not only do you have a line level input (for connecting to an AV amp) but also 8 chunky gold plated binding posts for speaker level inputs. A nice touch, rather than the plastic spring clips we normally see
   There is also a high level output that can be used to link into a second sub

   Set up and placement of the sub are relatively easy thanks to the downward firing design and the easy access to the control panel. This is a sub that can be crammed into a corner taking up very little floor space, but do bear in mind that the down firing design means the sub will interact with the floor, if yours is concrete, great. If it is wood, this is no bad thing, but does mean you will have to spend more time integrating this sub into your system than some of the other designs here
   Thankfully, access to the controls is very good with the main set up controls being at the top of the control panel, handy, as the sub is surprisingly heavy for its compact size, and not something you want to be lugging around too much

   Without beating around the bush this sub is quite frankly, superb. It really is very punchy and deals with fast repetitive bass lines with ease. If you want to hear what we mean all you need to do is put ‘The Matrix’ on and access the scene where the helicopter is hovering outside the building and Neo has his hands on the machine gun. You know the bit ;) Here, you can hear the rotor blades rotate, and at the same time feel the power of the machine gun, both at the same time, but seemingly independent. No mean feat. Thanks to the fast, responsive performance this is a subwoofer that will happily partner small speakers, or alternatively larger floorstanders

   The only area that we found the sub lacking was in the ability of it to handle a constant bass rumble. Something that is due to the 8” bass unit, and restrictions is design imposed by cost. But, this is the only time the sub will draw attention to itself, the rest of the time it will disappear into your system, a good indicator of a quality sub

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 2001 model
  -:®:-   Powered subwoofer with 210mm [8inch] down-firing woofer, vented design
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 35Hz to 150Hz
  -:®:-   Driver : 1 x 210mm [8"] woofer
  -:®:-   Amplifier : 150W built-in
  -:®:-   Maximum output : 106dB
  -:®:-   Internal volume : 15.2lt
  -:®:-   Low level inputs : RCA phono sockets
  -:®:-   High level inputs : gold speaker binding posts
  -:®:-   Colour : Video grey
  -:®:-   Form : Has outrigger feet and bevelled glass top
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D]: 320 x 360 x 320mm 
  -:®:-   Weight : 14.2kg  - packed 16kg each

   SOLD February 2015 on trademe  to Takanini, Auckland


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