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SOLD items 2015 archive 1 product details : 
NAD  412
stereo  AM / FM  tuner
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NAD  412  stereo  tuner  :  right  profile
NAD  412  stereo  tuner  :  display&Nbsp; closeup
NAD  412  stereo  tuner  :  back  view
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NAD  412  stereo  tuner  :  size  scale
   SOLD January 2015 on trademe  to Newmarket, Auckland
S/N: G7841220763
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     NAD   412 stereo  tuner - charcoal grey :
Design :   The NAD 412 tuner shares the minimalistic, yet classy design typical of the entire NAD range
   The NAD 412 has evolved from the award winning 402   The 402 was named "Best Tuner, 1994" by "What Hi Fi". Improvements include a new high clarity display and a re-designed chassis
   The NAD 412 is a superlative product and it out-performs many other tuners that cost far more. Employing high quality components in it's simple circuit topology give the unit (and it's predeccesor) the noise free, low distortion performance that have made NAD tuners famous
   Only the most essential functions are employed resulting in an uncluttered front panel of a product that is simple to use. 24 stations (12 FM, 12AM) can be entered in the preset mode
   They are stored in a non volatile memory which allows the preset stations to remain in memory even if the unit is unplugged from the mains supply. Unlike most other tuners, the 412 tunes in 25kHz increments
   This, coupled with crystal oscillator controlled digital frequency synthesis makes for precise tuning and enables the user to fine tune to their desired stations with ease
   A centre tune LED indicates that the 412 is accurately locked to the transmitted signal
   The SEARCH mode allows the 412 to tune to the nearest strong station, up or down the band, whilst the TUNE mode allows rapid scanning through the band. In both modes the software "wraps" the frequency band around allowing you to skip directly from the top of the band to the bottom or vice versa
   When attempting to listen to weak stations, sometimes the background noise can become annoying and spoil the listeners enjoyment of the programme. The BLEND function reduces this noise whist still retaining adequate stereo separation
   NAD link is provided, enabling the 412 to be remotely controlled by another NAD product that is also fitted with NAD link and which has an IR sensor

Features :   • Stores 24 radio stations in two banks of 12 preset memories each AM, FM   • digital light blue digits tuning frequency display   • 25kHz tuning steps • NAD link   • Blend function

Specifications :
  -:®:-   1997 vintage model
  -:®:-   Light blue digits display  [new LED backlight]
  -:®:-   Stereo indicator amber colour, when not set to mono mode

  -:®:-   FM :  Input sensitivity : Mono: [-30dB THD + noise]: 11.3dBf [2.0uV, 300ohms],    50dB S/N: 15dBf [1.5μV, 75ohms],
  -:®:-   stereo : 50dB S/N: 37dBf [40μV, 300ohms],   at 60dBf: 47dBf [120μV, 300ohms}
  -:®:-   Capture ratio : < 1.6dB
  -:®:-   Selectivity alternate channel : > 58dBf
  -:®:-   Image rejection : 90dB
  -:®:-   RF intermodulation : > 60dB
  -:®:-   IF rejection : 90dB
  -:®:-   Output impedance : 600ohms
  -:®:-   Total Harmonic distortion [100% modulation]: mono, 1kHz: 0.08%,  100Hz to 6kHz: 0.2%,  stereo: 1kHz: 0.1%,  stereo: 100Hz to 6kHz: 0.3%
  -:®:-   Signal to noise [65dB, IHF weighted]: mono: > 80dB,   stereo: > 74dB
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 30Hz to 15kHz  +0.5dB
  -:®:-   Stereo separation : [at 1kHz]: > 45dB,  [noise reduction off, 30Hz to 10kHz]: > 35dB

  -:®:-   AM :  Usable sensitivity : 10μV
  -:®:-   Selectivity : 35dB
  -:®:-   Image rejection : 30dB
  -:®:-   IF rejection : 35dB
  -:®:-   Signal to noise [50mV input 30% modulation] : 45dB
  -:®:-   Total harmonic distortion : 0.5%

  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D]: 435 x 76 x 295mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 3.9kg,  - packed ~ 5.5kg

   SOLD January 2015 on trademe  to Newmarket, Auckland


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