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SOLD items 2015 archive 1 item details :

cd   player - 1st unit
Sony  CDP-102  cd  player  :  includes RM-D250 remote
Sony  CDP-102 cd player  :  size  scale
Sony  CDP-102 cd player  :  tray  loading
Sony  CDP-102 cd player  :  back view
Sony  CDP-102 cd player  :  tray  closeup
Sony  CDP-102 cd player  :  controls  closeup
   SOLD January 2015 on trademe to Mt Eden, Auckland
S/N: 305526  remote: RM-D250
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   The Sony CDP-102 cd player  includes RM-D250 remote control
   Very high quality audio and rapid track access system

The Vintage Knob info :
Slim, but solid, metal player from when CD just seemed to be able to make a dent into expected LP sales, logic successor lineup-wise and size-wise to the original CDP-101 bestseller: CDP-101 > CDP-102
The audio board was also used in the ES CDP-302ES

Inside are Sony's own chips and the famed, long-lasting magnet-driven linear CD motor ; weighing 5.7kg,  this was still a very healthy second generation CD.   The visual appearance of the CDP-102 is much better in real life than on internet images
The silver pads made for an excellent design idea : they are in fact a single pad etched differently to outline the respective functions - even better

Although Sony already had Beta decks with such an output in 1983, there still was no PCM output on this mid-end player but the mysterious "subcode out" - the former was for the bigger ES series only while the latter was to vanish with the CDP-102
In the same lineup, selling rather well was the CDP-302 : same mechanism, better audio boards, wider, but without silver pads - can't have everything.

Specifications :
Audio :
  -:®:-    Vintage : 1983 - 1986 model
  -:®:-    Frequency response : 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.5dB
  -:®:-    Dynamic range : > 96dB
  -:®:-    Harmonic Distortion : Less than 0.003%  [1kHz]
  -:®:-    Channel separation : > 95dB [1kHz, ]
  -:®:-    Outputs : RCA phono 2.0V [50kohms],  load impedance : > 10kohms
  -:®:-    Wow & Flutter : Less than detectable

Input / Outputs :
  -:®:-    Coaxial RCA phono analogue audio out x 2
General :
  -:®:-    Power Requirements : 220 - 240 AC, 50Hz    -:®:-    Power Consumption : 15W
  -:®:-    Dimensions [ W x H x D ] : 335 x 80 x 335mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 5.7kg

   SOLD January 2015 on trademe to Mt Eden, Auckland


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