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SOLD items 2015 archive 1 product details : 
Yamaha  RX-V590
Dolby Prologic  ht  receiver

Yamaha  RX-V590  AM / FM  5.1 Dolby Pro ht  receiver  :  includes VS71390 remote
Yamaha  RX-V590  AM / FM  Dolby Pro ht  receiver  :  right  profile
Yamaha  RX-V590  AM / FM  Dolby Pro ht  receiver  :  display  closeup
Yamaha  RX-V590  AM / FM  Dolby Pro ht  receiver  :  back 
Yamaha  RX-V590  AM / FM  Dolby Pro ht  receiver  :  left  profile
Yamaha  RX-V590  AM / FM  Dolby Pro ht  receiver  :  size  scale
   SOLD February 2015 on trademe  to Kaeo
S/N: Y095375TV   remote: VS71390
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                 Yamaha   RX-V590 ht receiver - black :
Description :
   The RX-V590 Natural Sound av receiver is a powerful and versatile audio/video control centre. 70mm Movie Theatre Cinema DSP multiplies the effects of Dolby Pro-Logic and Yamaha DSP to recreate the movie theatre experience in your home
   Front panel av inputs provide easy connection of a camcorder or other av components. Dual centre channel outputs allow for utilizing two center channel speakers for a larger system or with a big screen television
   Subwoofer out with LPF allows for direct subwoofer connection. 200Hz Low Pass Filter ensures best possible subwoofer performance. 35mm Dolby Pro-Logic Enhanced creates the same type of sound you experience in movie theatres with multi-speaker arrays
   In addition to Yamaha's unique 70mm Movie Theatre, TV Theatre and Dolby Pro Logic Normal and Enhanced programs, the RX-V590 offers a special sports program and five Hi-Fi DSP programs: Concert Hall, Rock Concert, Stadium, Jazz Club and Church
   Yamaha's amazingly powerful, compact LSI provides extremely accurate Dolby Pro-Logic decoding and digital sound field processing. 64-key learning remote lets you program and control additional components such as a VCR, Laserdisc player, or TV. This receiver lets you hook up not only three audio components, but four audio/video units as well. You also get S-video terminals
   A linear damping factor of 80 [8ohms 20Hz to 20 kHz] means plenty of ability to stop the speaker cone from vibrating when the signal stops. The result is clear crisp pure sound and significantly improved frequency response
   Preset stations can be grouped in five sets of eight, according to AM and FM, or musical genre, or any order you desire. Sleep timer switches unit off, after up to two hours of play in 30 increments
   A / B speaker selector allows use of one or both sets of speakers
   A remote controllable motor-driven master volume control lets you see and hear your volume adjustment right from your seat

Specifications :
  -:®:-    1995 vintage
  -:®:-    Power : 75W RMS x 5 at 8 ohms with THD distortion 0.04%
  -:®:-    Frequency response : 20Hz to 20kHz, ± 0.5dB
  -:®:-    Damping factor : > 80 at 8ohms, 1kHz
  -:®:-    Input sensitivity and impedance : CD/tape play: 150mV / 47kohms,  phono: 2.5mV / 47kohms
  -:®:-    Signal to noise ratio : Phono: 85dB [Pure direct on, IHF A-weighted],  CD/tape : 99dB

FM :
  -:®:-    Tuning frequency : 87.5MHz to 108.00MHz [50kHz steps]
  -:®:-    Usable sensitivity : mono: 0.9μV,  stereo: 28μV
  -:®:-    Quieting sensitivity [-50dB] : mono: 15.3dBf, 1.6μV,   stereo: 23μV [38.5dBf]
  -:®:-    Harmonic distortion [1kHz] : Mono: 0.1% / stereo: 0.2%,
  -:®:-    Frequency response : 20Hz to 15kHz ± 1.0dB

AM :
  -:®:-    Tuning Frequency : 531 to 1611 [9kHz steps]
  -:®:-    Usable sensitivity : 300uV
  -:®:-    Signal to noise : 52dB

  -:®:-    Phono : MM  moving magnet [RIAA 20 to 20kHz ± 0.5dB]
  -:®:-    Preset memory : 40 x AM  or  FM station stored preset stations
  -:®:-    Speaker outputs : A,  B,  A + B
  -:®:-    Tone controls : Bass: ± 10dB at 350Hz,   Treble: ± 10dB at 3.5kHz   Bass extension : +6dB at 50Hz
  -:®:-    Dimensions [W x H x D]: 435 x 146 x 386mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 9.5kg  - packed weight ~ 11kg

   SOLD February 2015 on trademe  to Kaeo


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