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SOLD items 2016 archive 1 product details : 
Onkyo  TX-8255
stereo  receiver

Onkyo  TX-8255  AM / FM  stereo  receiver  :  with RC-666S remote controller
Onkyo  TX-8255  AM / FM  stereo  receiver  :  right  profile
Onkyo  TX-8255  AM / FM  stereo  receiver  :  display  closeup
Onkyo  TX-8255  AM / FM  stereo  receiver  :  back  view
Onkyo  TX-8255  AM / FM  stereo  receiver  :  top  view
Onkyo  TX-8255  AM / FM  stereo  receiver  :  size  scale
   SOLD February 2016 on trademe  to Napier
S/N: 2467PPH8700212683    remote: RC-666S
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                 Onkyo   TX-8255  [1st unit]  stereo receiver - black :
Features :
   2010 vintage 50W receiver with RC-666S remote controller
   40 station AM/FM station memory presets
   Stations can be directly accessed using numeric keys for frequency
   Tuner automatically sets the best reception FM settings

Onkyo Europe website : TX-8255 Stereo Receiver - Honouring the Fundamentals of Pure Stereo Sound :
   If you want your receiver to focus purely on two-channel audio, the TX-8255 could be just the answer
   It’s perfect for your living room, or anywhere else you like to sit back and soak up your music
   The TX-8255’s rock-solid construction incorporates a heavy-duty extruded aluminum heat sink to ensure cooler operation
   The whole unit is housed in a rigid, reinforced chassis—finished off with a hairline-brushed aluminum front panel − to help eliminate vibrations
   Add compatibility with RI dock for the iPod, and you have a superb stereo solution that brings out the power and dynamism of your audio sources

Specifications :
  -:®:-    Vintage : ~ 2010 model
  -:®:-    Power : 50W RMS at 8 ohms with THD distortion 0.08%
  -:®:-    Dynamic power : 55W x 2 at 8 ohms,  90W at 4 ohms,  and 110W at 2 ohms
  -:®:-    Frequency response [CD] : 10Hz to 100kHz,  +1.0db / -3.0dB
  -:®:-    Damping factor : 60 at 8ohms, 1kHz
  -:®:-    Input sensitivity and impedance : tape record out: 150mV / 2.2kohms,  CD/tape play: 150mV / 50kohms,  phono: 2.5mV / 50kohms
  -:®:-    Signal to noise ratio : Phono: 80dB [5mV input A-weighted],  CD/tape : 100dB [IHF-A]
FM :
  -:®:-    Tuning frequency : 87.5MHz to 108.00MHz [50kHz steps]
AM :
  -:®:-    Tuning Frequency : 522 to 1611 [9kHz steps]
  -:®:-    Preset memory : 40 x AM  or  FM station stored preset stations

  -:®:-    Speaker outputs : A,  B,  A + B [front switched]
  -:®:-    Tone controls : Bass: ±10dB at 100Hz,   Treble: ±10dB at 10kHz
  -:®:-    Dimensions [W x H x D]: 435 x 149 x 340mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 7.5kg  - packed weight 9kg

   SOLD February 2016 on trademe  to Napier


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