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SOLD items 2018 archive 1 product details : 

Harman Kardon  HK3480
stereo  receiver  - 1st unit

Harman Kardon  HK3480  stereo  receiver  :  front  view
Harman Kardon  HK3480  stereo  receiver  :  right  top  view
Harman Kardon  HK3480  stereo  receiver  :  display,  controls  closeup
Harman Kardon  HK3480  stereo  receiver  :  back  view
Harman Kardon  HK3480  stereo  receiver  :  left  profile
Harman Kardon  HK3480  stereo  receiver  :  size  scale
   SOLD June 2018 on  trademe  to Papanui, Christchurch
S/N: AN0018-14468   remote: non-original RRV101
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                 Harman Kardon  HK3480  [1st unit]  stereo receiver - silver :

   High power audiophile stereo receiver,  with phono preamplifier,  but sorry,  our spare receiver remote controller will not store radio station presets

   HARMAN KARDON HK3480 - When two channels are all you need, make it two ultrahigh-bandwidth, high-current channels from the company that invented the stereo receiver
   The HK 3480 features seven audio inputs, four video inputs [including one on the front panel], 30 AM/FM station presets, VMAx surround synthesis from stereo sources, a three-step dimmable fluorescent display, a phono preamp, pre-out/main-in jacks, gold-plated phono inputs and a separate subwoofer output
   Also included is a RRV101 remote control, which is not original but does most functions. Integrated high quality phono preamp Pre-out / Main-in jacks A/B speaker switching Gold-plated inputs Separate subwoofer output

   Not everyone wants or needs a 5.1-channel receiver, which is where this HK3480 two-channel receiver from Harman Kardon comes into play. This ultra-high-bandwidth, 240-watt unit is perfect for fans of jazz, classical, or rock, as its powerful features bring out both the bombast and the nuance of your favourite music
   The HK3480 is also one of the few stereo receivers to employ VMAx technology, a proprietary signal-processing technique that simulates a 360-degree sound field through a mere two speakers. The technology gives the listener the sensation of sitting in a concert hall or theater without requiring a surround sound setup

   Take a closer look at the HK3480's connections. You can also view the unit's front panel and spare RRV101 remote control in detail :

   Though the HK3480 is designed primarily for music, it also pumps out high-quality audio for your TV, DVD player, VCR, and video game console
   It includes enough inputs for each of these components, along with composite video switching that allows you to conveniently switch between them. And unlike many current receivers, the unit offers a high-quality phono input (with preamp) for people who treasure the unique sound of LPs and don't want to give up their lifelong record collections
   The HK3480 also comes with an AM/FM tuner with 30 station presets, a three-step fluorescent display, and a spare HK receiver remote control. As with most modern receivers, it's ready to serve as the audio centerpiece of all your listening needs, with seven audio inputs and four video inputs (including one on the front panel)
   The inputs are gold-plated for quality. The unit also comes with pre-out/main-in jacks for use with external amplifiers or speaker processors and a separate subwoofer output. Hookup is simple due to the color-keyed connections
   The receiver's tuner section offers exceptional performance, from its high signal-to-noise ratio (73 dB in mono, 72 dB in stereo) to high (40 dB) channel separation for superior stereo imaging . . not to mention strong tuning abilities with the help of better-than-80-dB image rejection and better-than-100-dB IF (intermediate frequency) rejection
   This component is equipped with a nonvolatile EEPROM (Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory) that preserves tuner presets and system configuration information, even when the unit is not connected to a main power source

Specifications :
  -:®:-    Vintage : 2006 model
  -:®:-    Power rating : 120W RMS at 0.07% THD stereo

Audio Section :
  -:®:-    Power output [20Hz to 20kHz] : typically 120W at 0.07% THD,  150W at 4ohms 0.2%THD
  -:®:-    Frequency response [+0dB, -3dB] : 10Hz to 110kHz
  -:®:-    Input sensitivity / impedance : has Phono,  T-Mon / CD / VID1 /VID2 / VID3: 200mV / 47kohms
  -:®:-    Signal to noise ratio : T-Mon / CD / VID1 /VID2 / VID3: 95dB
  -:®:-    Channel separation at 10kHz : Video/CD: 73dB
  -:®:-    Rise time : 16μsec
  -:®:-    Slew rate : 40V / μsec
  -:®:-    Dimensions [W x H x D]: 442 x 168 x 382mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 10.4kg  - packed weight ~ 12kg

   SOLD June 2018 on  trademe  to Papanui, Christchurch


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