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SOLD items 2018 archive 1 product details : 
Technics  SB-K20
stand   speakers - 6th pair
Technics  SB-K20 speakers  :  5th pair 
Technics  SB-K20 speakers [5th pair]  : reset protector button
Technics  SB-K20  stand / rear  speakers  :  drivers  closeup
Technics  SB-K20 [5th pair] speakers  :  backs  view
Technics  SB-K20  stand / rear  speakers  : left  profile
Technics  SB-K20 speakers  :   size  scale
   SOLD January 2018 on trademe  to Papakura
S/Ns: 59651 / 59652
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                 Technics  SB-K20 speakers  [6th pair] - redwood outer vinyl colour :
Description :
   A wolf in sheep's clothing - this SB-K20 model was made and tested by me back in the early 80s at Fisher & Paykel
   The light but powerful two-way ported bass-reflex K20 has nominal power handling of 60W but it took our 110W test amplifier turned up to 7.5 at about 70W to 90W to blow the red cutout button.

   Simply reset the button and the speakers are ready to go - I never once blew up a K20 tweeter in the soak test, ever !

   The sound quality is incredible, in terms of tone, musicality and good design - these K-20s are fantastic bargains

Features :
  -:®:-   Frequency response of 45Hz to 22kHz
  -:®:-   Overload protection reset button
  -:®:-   A nominal impedance of 8ohms for 60W - 70W RMS power handling
  -:®:-   Bass reflex ported 2-way gives a measured efficiency of 91dB at 1Watt @ 1m
  -:®:-   Dimensions [H x W x D]: 650 x 350 x 253mm 
  -:®:-   Weight : ~ 10kg each packed

   SOLD January 2018 on trademe  to Papakura


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