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SOLD items 2020 archive 1 product details : 
Roth  OLi2
stand  speakers

Roth  OLi2  stand  speakers  :  front  view
Roth  OLi2  stand  speakers  :  right  top  view

Roth  OLi2  stand  speakers :   drivers  closeup
Roth  OLi2  stand  speakers  :  back  view

Roth  OLi2  stand  speakers  :  left  profile
Roth  OLi2  stand  speakers  :  size  scale
   SOLD June 2020 on  trademe   to Upper Hutt City
S/Ns: RZ81135 / RZ81136
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   Roth  OLi2  stand   speakers - black :
   The new Roth OLi2 is a masterpiece of loudspeaker engineering designed to enhance any of today's music systems, whether as an upgrade to a Midi system, or for use in a more audiophile system

   This high quality speaker utilises Roth's renowned 1" (25mm) titanium dome tweeter along with a special new 4" (105mm) felted fibre cone mid/bass unit to provide superb sound reproduction

   Coupled with the compact sleekness of a simulated black ash veneer, l2mm high density particle board cabinet ported to provide a smooth extended bass,
   the Roth OLi2 sits neatly on a shelf or on a stand near the rear wall

   Such well-balanced proportions and specifications also makes the Roth OLi2 an ideal choice for home theatre or surround sound applications

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 2007 model
  -:®:-   Power Handling : 50 Watts programme
  -:®:-   Amplifier Requirements : 10 to 50 Watts (continuous sinewave output)
  -:®:-   Frequency Response : 78Hz to 20kHz ±3dB
  -:®:-   Low frequency extension : 68Hz at (-6dB),  vented box tuned to 65Hz
  -:®:-   Sensitivity : 86dB SPL 1 Watt/1 m (free space conditions)
  -:®:-   Impedance : 8 ohms nominal
  -:®:-   Driver units : 1 x Roth mid/bass unit felted fibre cone 105mm (4"),  1 x Roth two-piece titanium dome tweeter 25mm (1")
  -:®:-   Crossover : 5 element,  6.4 kHz 2nd order low pass,  6.4 kHz 2nd order high pass
  -:®:-   Cabinet : 12mm high density particle board : rear vented box system turned at 65 Hz
  -:®:-   Internal Volume : 6 litres
  -:®:-   Terminals : Colour coded red positive, black negative, spring loaded accepting bare cable connections
  -:®:-   Finish : Simulated Black Ash veneer
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 160 x 274 x 215 mm  (6.3 x 10.8 x 8.5 inches)
  -:®:-   Weight : to be updated : about 5kg each

   SOLD June 2020 on  trademe   to Upper Hutt City


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