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  Pioneer  DVR-660H-K
dvd / HDD  recorder  - 1st unit
Pioneer  DVR-660H-K  dvd  recorder /  player  :  front  view
Pioneer  DVR-660H-K  dvd  recorder /  player  :  specifications  scan
Pioneer  DVR-660H-K  dvd  recorder /  player  :  display  closeup
Pioneer  DVR-660H-K  dvd  recorder /  player  :  back  view
Pioneer  DVR-660H-K  dvd  recorder /  player  :  in  play  to  TV
Pioneer  DVR-660H-K  dvd  recorder /  player  :  size  scale
   SOLD May 2022 on  trademe  to Kerikeri
S/N: HFDL001889PP   remote: VSX3330  made: June 2008
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          Pioneer  DVR-660H-K  [1st unit]  cd player  - black :
   The Pioneer DVR-660H-K Multi-System DVD Recorder offers superb versatility with the ability to record on to the internal 250GB HDD or DVD+R/W and DVD-R/W discs
   It’s compatible with PAL and NTSC systems, and features 1080p HD upconversion through HDMI, Pure Cinema progressive scan, USB port, DV input, DivX certification, and multi-format DVD/CD playback capabilities

Features :
• HDMI 1080p output
• Recording and playback in PAL or NTSC- see below under "Recording and Playback" for specific details :
• 250 GB Hard Disk Drive (up to 711 hrs)
  Dual Layer Disc Recording (up to 24 hrs),   • High-Speed Copy from HDD to DVD
• Digital Jukebox,   • Digital Time Base Corrector
• USB & iLink (DV) terminal,   • Commercial Skip / Back : Use the CM Skip function repeatedly to jump through TV commercials up to 10 minutes forward
• CM Back allows you to jump progressively back up to 3 minutes in smaller steps when passed the end of the TV commercial,   The CM Skip / Back function can also be used during edit mode
• Time slip function : Chasing Playback Simultaneous Recording and Playback
• Multi-Format 250GB HDD DVD Recording and Playback with HDMI and 1080p DVD Upscaling
   Product Features :
• PC Connect lets you access your media files remotely from the comfort of your couch
   Video Features :
• HDMI Output : Transfers High Definition Video and Digital Audio to A/V components through one easy connection without loss of digital signal
• 1080p HDMI Upscaling : This allows you to playback DVDs in the highest possible resolutions, making sure you get the most out of your viewing experience
• 108 MHz/12-bit Video DAC,  • Dual-Layer DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW Compatible
• SVCD/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW Compatible,    • Official DivX Certified Product, Compatible with All Versions of DivX Video (including DivX 6)
• JPEG PhotoViewer

   Audio Features :
• LPCM (Lossless High Speed 10 x CD ripping for CD quality Audio)
• USB Input for compressed music playback,   • WMA (Windows Media Audio)/ MP3 Compressed music playback compatible
• 192 kHz/24-bit Audio DAC,   • DTS (Digital Theater System) 2-Channel Decoding,   • Dolby Digital Output
   Convenience Features :
• KuroLINK (HDMI Control),   • 250GB Hard Drive
• Direct Access Keys for Entertainment for Music, Video, and Photos
• Gracenote CD Database with upgradeable local database,   • AutoTitle Powered by Gracenote
• Connect via USB to PC to Transfer DivX video, JPEG pictures, and Music files to the HDD,   • Connect via USB to Digital Camera to transfer pictures directly to hard drive
• Lossless LPCM High Speed 10 x Ripping of CDs to HDD for the highest quality audio
• JPEG Photo Viewer - Allows you to view and create slideshows of photos stored on the HDD, DVD, CD or USB
• Music Jukebox : Allows you to play music from the HDD, DVD, CD or USB
• Disc Navigator for Easy Browsing of recorded shows, music and photos
• Resume Function,   • Screen Saver,   • Auto Power Off
• Time Slip Roller and Button Control
• Digital progressive scan for PAL and NTSC
• Fire wire (i-link) DV input and USB connection - for quick and easy connection to digital camcorders, computers, etc . . .
• Hybrid VBR (Variable Bit Rate) recording,   • Rapid Random Access,    • Records in 5 speeds XP / SP / LP / EP / FR
• Records in “ALL” regions format for worldwide compatibility
• 3D Digital Noise Reduction,   • 54MHz/10-bit video DAC,   • 96kHz/24-bit audio DAC
• Built-in NTSC M, PAL/Secam BG, I, DK TV tuners,   • auto/manual recording

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 2008 model
  -:®:-   See specs scans for detailed specifications
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 420 x 59 x 273mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 4.4kg  ~ 6kg packed

   SOLD May 2022 on  trademe  to Kerikeri


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