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SOLD items 2010 archive 2 product details : 
  Denon  AVR-2500
5.1 ht  receiver - 2nd unit
Denon  AVR-2500  5.1  home theatre receiver  :  with RC-180 remote control
Denon  AVR-2500  receiver  :  right profile
Denon  AVR-2500  receiver  :  inputs  connection  closeup
Denon  AVR-2500  receiver  :  back view
Denon  AVR-2500  receiver  :  display closeup
Denon  AVR-2500  receiver  :  size  scale
   SOLD  November 2010 on trademe to Auckland
S/N: 6082401647   remote RC-180
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              Denon   AVR-2500 5.1 home theatre receiver - 2nd unit - black
The AVR-2500 offers Dolby Pro-Logic and Surround Simulator support using the Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit
It features an easy-to-follow icon-based on-screen display

The AVR-2500 does require the use of the on-screen menu to access some of the setup features

The remote is easy to use, with a fairly standard layout and a small door for less used functions one might wish to forego in daily operation like the on-screen menu, dimmer, record out selector, and the manual tuning controls for the tuner, with presets buttons available elsewhere
It provides direct access to level controls with a channel select button, right next to the muting and volume controls, for tweaking movie soundtracks.

Features :
Dolby ProLogic audio video receiver
DDSC-Digital Dual DSP Surround Processor
85 watts x 3 channels power amplifier
25W x 2 rear channels amplifier
S-video and composite video switching
Front speakers switching : A, B,  A + B

Specifications :
  -:®:-   1995 vintage
  -:®:-   85 Watts x 3 at 8 ohms [ 20 - 20KHz THD 0.08% ] : Front x 2, Centre,  25W x 2 surround
  -:®:-   Colour : Black
  -:®:-   Remote : Programmable RC-180 remote control
  -:®:-   Subwoofer output channel
  -:®:-   RTS : digital tuner with Radio Data System
  -:®:-   S-video switching
  -:®:-   Front inputs
  -:®:-   On-screen programming capable
  -:®:-   9 different surround effects
  -:®:-   Multi-source recording / playback
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x H x D ] : 432 x 165 x 343mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 11.7kg,   ~ 14kg packed

   SOLD  November 2010 on trademe to Auckland


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