NRPavs   SOLD items 2010 archive 2 Luxman  DZ-122  cd  player  details
SOLD items 2010 archive 2 product details : 
Luxman  DZ-122
cd  player

Luxman  DZ-122  cd player
Luxman  DZ-122  cd player  :  right profile
Luxman  DZ-122  cd player  :  with RD-107u remote controller
Luxman  DZ-122  cd player  :  back view
Luxman  DZ-122  cd player  :  tray open
Luxman  DZ-122  cd player  :  size scale
   SOLD July 2010 by recommendation, to Mangawhai
S/N: W01216596A   remote RD-107u 
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                 Luxman   DZ-122  cd player
   High quality, simple-to-use single cd player in black
   RD-107u remote control
   Specifications are to be updated in due course,  - those below are for very similar Luxman D-117 model :

   The Luxman DZ-122 model cd player is feature rich - has remote control, optical and RCA phono digital outputs
   Typical Luxman smooth controls action and high quality audio

Features :
  -:®:-    1990 vintage cd player black colour
  -:®:-    Remote : RD-107u
  -:®:-    Digital filter : 16-bit / 4 times, linear line type, 44.1kHz sampling frequency
  -:®:-    Frequency response : 5Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.5dB
  -:®:-    Outputs : RCA phono stereo, digital and optical outs
  -:®:-    Dynamic range : 95dB
  -:®:-    Signal to noise ratio : 98dB
  -:®:-    Total Harmonic distortion [1kHz]: 0.004%
  -:®:-    Channel separation : 86dB
  -:®:-    Mechanical : Anti-vibration Laser pickup assembly
  -:®:-    Dimensions [ W x H x D ]: 438 x 85 x 314mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 5.2kg, packed weight : ~ 7kg

   Repaired and tested OK  - remote functioning and has variable volume

   SOLD July 2010 by recommendation, to Mangawhai


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