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SOLD items 2010 archive 2 product details : 
Mission  m7c1
centre  speaker

Mission  m7c1  centre  speaker
Mission  m7c1  centre speaker : right profile

Mission  m7c1  centre speaker  : speaker wire binding posts
Mission  m7c1 centre speaker  : back connections

Mission  m7c1 centre speaker  : internal drivers view
Mission  m7c1  centre speaker  : size scale
   SOLD August 2010 by selection from Oldies but Goodies, to Dunedin
S/N: 207C02445
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    Mission  m7c1  centre  speaker
Compact format 2.1-way centre speaker  : charcoal colour with charcoal cloth

The Mission m7c1 centre channel loudspeaker is designed specifically to match any of the m70 series loudspeakers in home theatre installations to provide the centre "dialogue" channel. With its slim styling and versatility of placement the m7c1 will grace any TV monitor or can be simply wall-mounted near a screen

The m7c1 is fully shielded to ensure freedom from electromagnetic interference with TV and video monitors and its smooth impedance characteristics make it an easy load, especially with AV receivers. Two low frequency units add weight to the performance blending seamlessly with the sheer micro-fibre dome tweeter for outstanding coherence and pin-point accuracy. The smoothly contoured baffle ensures good spatial dispersion, minimizing "hot seat" effects, and the combination of wide bandwidth and superior dynamic range maximizes coherent reproduction of vital dialogue detail

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Enclosure type : 2-Way reflex loaded - vented
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 75Hz to 20kHz 3 dB
  -:®:-   Sensitivity : 87 dB SPL / 1m /2.83V
  -:®:-   Cross-over frequency : 2.8 kHz
  -:®:-   Effective volume : 5 litres
  -:®:-   Nominal impedance : 8 ohm compatible [min. 6.4 ohms ]
  -:®:-   Recommended amplifier power : 25 - 100W
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 500 x 135 x 125mm
  -:®:-   Cabinet finish : Graphite Black and Satin Silver
  -:®:-   Weight : ~ 4.6kg  - 6kg packed

   SOLD August 2010 by selection from Oldies but Goodies, to Dunedin


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