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SOLD items 2013 archive 2 product details : 
  Denon  DCD-920
cd   player

Denon  DCD-920  cd  player  :  size  scale
Denon  DCD-920  cd  player  :  operating  controls  closeup
Denon  DCD-920  cd  player  :  display  closeup
Denon  DCD-920  cd  player  :  back  view
Denon  DCD-920  cd  player  :  left  cd  loading
Denon  DCD-920  cd  player  :  left  profile
   SOLD September 2013 on trademe  to Wellington
S/N: 0011500428   no remote
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             Denon  DCD-920 cd player - black :
Features :
   Single left loading cd player with no remote control [this model RC-220]
   Programmable and random play modes
   20 bit twin Burr Brown DACs PCM61P
   Analogue stereo outs,  also coaxial and optical digital outputs

Design :
   There are four outputs: two analogue and two digital coaxial and optical. One of the two outputs is variable, meaning you can vary the volume from the remote control
   Thanks to variable output you can connect the player directly to a power amplifier or a pair of powered speakers
   The digital outputs allow connection to a digital recorder, surround amplifier or computer
   Programmable modes : Prog / Direct, repeat, Auto Space, Peak Search, fader, Side A / B Time, Edit time, Random, call, Pick, link
   The brushed aluminium front panel features headphones output with volume control and dedicated 10-key numeric digits for direct access to the tracks

Specifications :
  -:®:-   1989 vintage single cd player
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 2Hz to 20kHz at ± 0.3dB
  -:®:-   Dynamic range : 97dB
  -:®:-   Signal to Noise : 106dB
  -:®:-   Channel separation : 102dB
  -:®:-   Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.0035%
  -:®:-   DAC / Filter / laser : 2 x PCM61P / SM5818AP / KSS-210A
  -:®:-   Headphones socket : Yes, with variable output level control
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 434 x 103 x 315mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 5.0kg  - packed 6.5kg

   SOLD September 2013 on trademe  to Wellington


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