NRPavs   SOLD item 2013 archive 2  Paradigm  5se mkII stand  speaker  details
SOLD item 2013 archive 2 product details : 
Paradigm  5se mkII
stand  speakers
Paradigm  5se mkII   speakers  :  size scale
Paradigm  5se mkII   speakers  :  right  profile
Paradigm  5se mkII   speakers  :  grilles on
Paradigm  5se mkII   speakers  :  backs view
Paradigm  5se mkII   speakers  :  upward view
Paradigm  5se mkII  speakers  :  drivers  closeup
   SOLD November 2013 on trademe to North Shore City
S/Ns: 204111 / 204112
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  Paradigm  5se mkII  stand speakers - black :
Description :
   Paradigm's many advanced features are incorporated into this classically popular Paradigm design
   The result is an extremely cost-effective, high-performance speaker system
   The 5seMkII provides natural, uncoloured, three-dimensional music reproduction
   It has high power handling, extended bass response and very low distortion
   A quintessential Paradigm speaker, the 5seMkII offers unparalleled cost/performance - an astounding value

   Drivers : MkII Series high-frequency drivers : Features include: treated textile domes with less than 0.28gm of moving mass,
   unique coupling faceplate chassis for wide-dispersion and maximally flat frequency response, high temperature voice-coils and ventilated aluminium formers
   Ferro-fluid damped and cooled. Barium ferrite magnets. Replaceable diaphragm

   Bass/mid-frequency drivers: Features include: high-pressure diecast aluminum chassis, co-polymer polypropylene cones,
   high-hysteressis progressively-damped synthetic butyl suspensions, high-temperature multi-layer voice-coils, kapton formers
   Low distortion symmetrically focused-field magnetic assemblies. Barium ferrite magnets

   Black oak sides / matt light grey front baffle colour, black grille cloth
   2-way : 8" woofer,   1" textile dome tweeter

   SOLD November 2013 on trademe to North Shore City


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