NRPavs   SOLD items 2013 archive 2  Sherwood  AX-5010R  stereo  amplifier 1st unit  details
SOLD items 2013 archive 2 product details : 

Sherwood  AX-5010R
stereo  amplifier

Sherwood  AX-5010R  stereo  amplifier  :  actual  unit
Sherwood  AX-5010R  stereo  amplifier  :  Sherwood website - front image
Sherwood  AX-5010R  stereo  amplifier  :  display  closeup
Sherwood  AX-5010R  stereo  amplifier  :  back  view
Sherwood  AX-5010R  stereo  amplifier  :  slider controls for volume,  tone  and  balance
Sherwood  AX-5010R  stereo  amplifier  :  size  scale
   SOLD July 2013 on trademe  to Whangarei
S/N: 6047A0100057  no remote
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                 Sherwood  AX-5010R stereo amplifier - black :

   The Sherwood AX-5010R stereo amplifier features front panel display and large input selection buttons

Features :
   Early 1990s stereo amplifier with display panel and large input selector buttons
   No remote control

Specifications :
  -:®:-    1991 vintage
  -:®:-    Power rating : 83watts RMS  [10 to 50kHz, Aux, 1W -3dB,  Phono: RIAA ± 0.5dB]
  -:®:-    Total harmonic distortion : 0.03% [-6dB rated output, 1kHz, 8ohms]
  -:®:-    Damping factor : 35 [1kHz, 8ohms]
  -:®:-    Signal to noise : Phono: 5mV input, shorted at 2.2kohms / volume to 80W: 76db / 70dB;
  -:®:-    Aux: 500mV input, shorted at 2.2kohms / 80W: 96dB / 86dB
  -:®:-    Speaker outputs : A,  or B,  front switching
  -:®:-    Tone controls : Bass: [± 10dB 100Hz],   Treble: [± 10dB 10kHz],  Loudness: +6dB at 100Hz,  +3dB at 10kHz
  -:®:-    Dimensions [W x H x D]: 400 x 118 x 245mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 8.6kg  - packed weight ~ 10kg

   SOLD July 2013 on trademe  to Whangarei


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