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SOLD items 2014 archive 2 product details : 
  Marantz  SR4500
7.1 ht  receiver - 2nd unit

Marantz  SR4500  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  includes  RC5500SR remote,  manual,  AM loop aerial
Marantz  SR4500  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  right  profile
Marantz  SR4500  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  left  profile
Marantz  SR4500  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  back  view
Marantz  SR4500  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  display  closeup
Marantz  SR4500  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  manual  controls  closeup
Marantz  SR4500  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  top  view
Marantz  SR4500  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  size  scale
   SOLD July 2014 on trademe  to Wellington
S/N: MZ000545000721   remote: RC5500SR
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                Marantz   SR4500  7.1 home theatre receiver - black :
   The SR4500 incorporates the latest generation of digital surround sound decoding technology such as Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital, DTS ES [Discrete 6.1 and Matrix 6.1], DTS Neo:6 [Cinema,Music], Dolby Pro-Logic II x [Movie, Music and Game], Circle Surround II (Cinema and Music). In addition, Marantz has focused on the future. By utilizing pre-out jacks, 7.1 direct inputs the SR4500 is tomorrow's technology, today!

   The SR4500 features a fully discrete 7 channel amplifier section capable of delivering 80 watts of high-current amplification, for continuously clean and stable power into each of the seven channels
   It employs a massive EI power transformer in combination with oversized filter capacitors. This design configuration is capable of a clear and powerful reproduction of the most demanding action movie soundtracks and full range multichannel music discs
   Through its ability to generate very high output voltages, the SR4500 can easily drive the most demanding speakers with optimum results. The SR4500 incorporates the most advanced Digital Signal Processing circuitry, along with a Crystal® 192 kHz/24 bit D/A converter in each of the 7 channels
   Independent power supply circuits are incorporated for the FL display, audio and video sections for maximum separation, clarity and dynamic range. Together with hand-selected customized components, all elements work in harmony to recreate the emotion, exactly as the artist had intended
   The SR4500 is designed and engineered with extensive feedback from dealers and consumers. It features heavy duty speaker binding posts and an extensive array of both analogue and digital inputs / outputs
   With 4 assignable digital inputs, 2 component inputs and SACD Multi Channel (7.1channel) direct inputs is taken to a stunning new level. An easy-to-use universal remote control allows full access to all of the operating functions and can be used for system operation as well
   This unit has Simple Setup function for easy setup. You can setup all speaker settings by just selecting your room size and the number of your speakers with Simple Setup function. You can also setup customized settings just like conventional AV amplifiers
   The TruSurround Headphone technology provides a surround sound listening experience via headphones. When listening to multichannel content such as DVD movies over headphones, the listening experience is fundamentally different than listening to speakers. Since the headphone speaker drivers are covering the pinna of the ear, the listening experience differs greatly from traditional speaker playback. TruSurround utilizes patented headphone perspective curves to solve this problem and provides a non-fatiguing, immersive, home theater listening experience
   TruSurround Headphone also delivers exceptional 3D audio from mono and stereo material

Design Features :
• Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital , DTS ES [Discrete 6.1, Matrix 6.1, Neo: 6]
• Dolby Pro Logic II x [Movie, Music, Game] • Circle Surround II [Movie, Music, Mono]
• 7 x 80 Watts (8 ohm), Discrete Amplifiers
• Massive Energy Power Supply, Huge EI transformer, Large ELCO's
• 192 kHz/24 bit Crystal® DAC for all 7 Channels,   • 32 bit Digital Surround Processing Chipsets
• Video Off Mode
• Large heavy duty speaker terminals for all channels
• Auto Input Signal Detection
• Improved Station Name Input Method,  50 station memory presets
• Auto Adjust Function for Speaker Distance Settings [Delay Time]
• Universal remote control RC5500SR
• Simple Setup Function,   • Simple Video Conversion [Video to S-Video]
• Headphone Jack

Specifications :
  -:®:-   2004 model
  -:®:-   80 watts x 7  at 8 ohms [ 20 to 20KHz THD 0.08% ],   105W x 7 at 6ohms
  -:®:-   Colour : black
  -:®:-   RDS tuner : displays information   50 station presets
  -:®:-   Remote : Programmable RC5500SR remote control - infrared
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 440 x 162 x 388mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 12.0kg  - packed ~ 14kg

   SOLD July 2014 on trademe  to Wellington


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