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Kenwood  KA-900
stereo  amplifier
Kenwood  KA-900  stereo amplifier  :  glass  front  controls  cover
Kenwood  KA-900  stereo amplifier  :  controls  cover  down
Kenwood  KA-900  stereo amplifier  :  speakers  selector   tone  controls   inputs  selector
Kenwood  KA-900  stereo amplifier  :  back  view
Kenwood  KA-900  stereo amplifier  :  top  right -  large  mute  control  bar
Kenwood  KA-900  stereo amplifier  :  size  scale
   SOLD September 2015 on trademe to Christchurch
S/N: 11010055
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                 Kenwood   KA-900 stereo amplifier - silver / grey :

   The Kenwood KA-900 model is an early 80s stereo amplifier with plastic case and glass panel for contols, rated at 80W RMS

   The Vintage Knob :    Smaller sibling to the KA-1000 - single transformer, integrated power supply and a smaller Heat-Pipe. The rest is nearly identical
   With High-fT transistors,  a DC...400Khz bandwidth,  2x 80W (20Hz...20Khz),  a slew rate of ±120V,  a 0.9μs rise-time and  a 500 damping factor at 100Hz,
   the KA-900 was a tight and futuristic way to start the 1980s... even if the case is made of plastic
   The non-magnetic chassis always is a surprise to discover "in the flesh"... it is made of plastic !
   This explains the somewhat sloping parts and top covers one can see in the catalogues :  plastic doesn't like heat nor does it age well

   The front window of the KA-900 is however made of real glass, not easy-to-scratch acryl or perspex
   The KA-900 was a fine example of high-end Hi-Fi navigating between the 1970s robustness and 1980s trendy trends in technology as well as design

Specifications :
  -:®:-    1980 to 1982 vintage
  -:®:-    Power rating : 80W RMS at 8 ohms [THD 0.005%]
  -:®:-    Total harmonic distortion : Aux: 0.005% [at rated power, 8ohms],  0.005% at 42.5W,  phono to speaker out: 0.007% at -20dB level
  -:®:-    Input sensitivity / impedance : Phono: MM 2.5mV / 47kohms,
  -:®:-    Tuner, Aux, Tape A, Tape B: 150mV / 47kohms
  -:®:-    Speaker outputs : A, B,  A + B - speakers impedance 4 to 16 ohms
  -:®:-    Transient response : Rise time: 0.9μsec,  slew rate: ±120V/μsec
  -:®:-    Headphones out : 6.3mm jack
  -:®:-    Frequency response : DC ON: DC to 400kHz -3dB,   OFF: 18Hz to 400kHz - 3dB,   phono: 20 to 20kHz ±1.2dB
  -:®:-    Signal to noise : Phono: 86dB for 2.5mV input,  92dB for 5.0mV input,   MC: 66dB for 0.2mV,  72dB for 0.4mV input
  -:®:-    Tuner, tape A, B, Aux: 105dB for 150mV input
  -:®:-    Input sensitivity / impedance : Phono: MM: 2.5mV at 33kohms, 47kohms and 100kohms,  MC: 0.2ohms / 100ohms
  -:®:-    tuner, Aux, tape A,B: 150mV for 47kohms
  -:®:-    Maximum input level : MM: 270mV RMS [0.003% THD at 1kHz], MC: 15mV RMS [0.003% THD at 1kHz]
  -:®:-    Output level / impedance : Tape Rec: phono in: 150mV for 330ohms,  DIN: 30mV for 80 kohms
  -:®:-    Tone controls : Bass: 200Hz: ±10dB at 50Hz,   400Hz: ±10dB at 200Hz
  -:®:-    Treble: 3kHz: ±10dB at 10kHz,   6kHz: ±10dB at 20kHz
  -:®:-    Loudness filter : +10dB at 100Hz,  and -30dB volume level,  subsonic filter : at 18Hz, 6dB/octave
  -:®:-    Damping factor : 500 [8ohms, 100Hz]
  -:®:-    Dimensions [W x H x D]: 440 x 123 x 375mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 10.0kg,  packed weight : ~ 11.5kg

   SOLD September 2015 on trademe to Christchurch


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